Annalise Michael Story : The True Story Behind The Emily Rose

This story is about a girl living in Germany, whose name was Anna Elisabeth Michel and she was 16 years old. Annalise’s childhood was like that of ordinary children and she was also smart in her studies. One day suddenly Annalise fainted and fell to the floor when Annalise’s parents immediately ran to Annalise and took her to the hospital.

After showing it to the doctor, it came to know that she had got an antelope disease. From that day onwards, Annalise started having attacks of antelope, due to which Annalise’s family was worried and upset. A few days after this incident, Annalise began to hear some strange scary voices in her mind, those voices telling Annalise that she would now die and now they have occupied her whole body.

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Annalise Michael Exorsiom

After hearing these voices, again and again, Annalise now went into depression and became physically weak. She has admitted to a psychiatric hospital and her treatment started there. After several days of treatment, there was no improvement in her condition and Annalise’s condition was deteriorating day by day.

One day Annalise told her family that nothing would happen to her with these treatments, Because now her body has been taken over by the demons, from that day onwards whenever she brought any holy things, such as Bibles, she would cry or run away from there.

After a few days, she started eating the insects in her room and suddenly she started laughing out loud in horror. Whenever she laughed it was as if 6 people were laughing at once and then Annalise would cry immediately, Whenever Annalise was in her senses, she used to plead with her family members to do her Exorcism. She used to say that some demonic spirits had taken over her body.

In those days Exorcism was considered a crime there and it used to take many months for any Exorcism application to be passed. A few days later, Annalise’s father found a person named Ault, who, on seeing Annalise, told her that there was a den of spirits in her body.

Ault sent a letter to the Vatican asking permission to perform Exorcism on Annalise. In September 1975, Father Renz was allowed to perform Exorcism at Annalise. On September 24, 1975, Father Renz performed the first Exorcism at Annalise.

Even after this Exorcism, these souls did not leave Annalise’s body and the power of these souls went on to get stronger. There came a time when Annalise stopped eating and drinking completely and she became very weak, due to which she later got TB disease. 

It is believed that Annalise’s body was possessed by 6 spirits, which was revealed by Exorcism. The names of those souls are as follows:-

Anneliese Micheal 6 Damons Name: 

1. Lucifer           2. Cain

3. Nero               4. Hitler

5. Judas              6. Belial

This Exorcism lasted for eight months, in which this process was used 67 times. Each Exorcism lasted for 4 hours and it was terrible and dangerous. Annalise’s last Exorcism took place on June 30, 1976. After this, on the first of July, Annalise died a terrible death.

The doctor believed that his death was due to malnutrition because at that time his weight was less than 30 kg. But Annalise had bitten her own body in many places with her teeth and she kept chewing on the walls due to which all her teeth were broken, sometimes she also hurt her body by jumping from a height, because of all these Many bruises was seen on Annalise’s body.

Annalise had told her mother before she died that she would no longer survive, she was exhausted and very upset, after which Annalise died, at the time Annalise was only 23 years old. After Annalise’s death, a case was filed against Father Renz and his parents, which stated that Annalise lost her life as a result of an exorcism and that the trio was sentenced to several months in prison.

Modern science says that Annalise had Multiple Disorders. But was Annalise held by evil spirits, what do you think, A film based on this incident was also made in 2005. Whose name was – The Exorcism Of Emily Rose.

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