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This incident is of Annora Petrova. Annora Petrova was a very good Ice skating player, but once she searched Annora Petrova Wikipedia on the Internet and Then her whole life was changed.

Annora Petrova Wikipedia Real Story

Annora Petrova was born on May 5, 1991, in Portland, Her parents and friends affectionately called her Anne. Portland is a very beautiful place and there is a lot of snow here. Due to the Snowy area, Ice Skating is very popular here. Annora Petrova also loved ice skating and started learning ice skating at a very small age.

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Annora Petrova Wikipedia

Annora Petrova soon learns ice skating very well, Even her father hired a coach for her. At the age of just 13, Annora Petrova had mastered ice skating.

She had won all the ice skating events from the school championship to the state championship, now her eyes were on the Olympics. Also, The People thought that she would grow up to represent America in the Olympics.

For 13 years Annora Petrova was studying very well, her ice skating practice was also being done very well and everything was ok. After this, a new turn comes in her life.

Crystal classic championship is considered to be the biggest competition in ice skating. Annora Petrova participates in this crystal classic championship. A day before this competition, Annora Petrova was searching about herself on the internet. She felt that She had achieved such great achievements at such a young age, so is there any information available on the internet about her?

While she was surfing the Internet, she saw Annora Petrova Wikipedia page with her name. When she is on that Annora Petrova Wikipedia page, she sees that all her information is available on that Annora Petrova Wikipedia page. 

When she sees his Wikipedia Achiever page, she is instantly shocked, Because it was written on that page that “Annora Petrova The crystal classic champion”. She wonders how it can be that the winner of the competition which is not held yet has been declared to her.

Then she thinks that this page may have been created by her father and to encourage her, he has written this crystal classic champion’s achievement. Soon after she told her father if you had created my Wikipedia page and had you write “Annora Petrova the Crystal Classic Champion” in it. Her father says that no, he did not make any such page. Then Annora Petrova feels that some of her fans must have created this page.

The next morning, as written on that Wikipedia page, Annora Petrova won the Crystal Classic Championship. After this, it became a routine for Annora Petrova, she would visit that Wikipedia page every day, and whatever was written on that page would come true.

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Annora Petrova Wikipedia

Annora Petrova had won many ice skating Championships, now she wanted to participate in the Olympics and she also started preparing for it. Annora Petrova once again goes to that Wikipedia page, she wanted to know what has been written about her related to the Olympics. As soon as she looks at that Wikipedia page, she learns that there is no information about her related to the Olympics.

After this Annora Petrova feels that whatever is written on this Wikipedia page becomes true, so why not edit this Annora Petrova Wikipedia page herself so that whatever she writes will become true. Now she starts editing this page, even after several attempts, Annora Petrova is unable to edit this Wikipedia page, and finally, she closes this page.

After a while, Annora Petrova opens that Wikipedia page again. She sees that the information she wanted to edit has not happened, but the information that was written earlier has also changed. One of the pieces of information was “Annora Petrova is a selfish little bitch. Who is going to get, What she deserves” was followed by the same page saying “Annora Petrova was an orphan girl whose parents were killed in a car accident”.

After reading these four lines, Annora Petrova is horrified and starts searching for her parents all over the house, but her parents are nowhere to be found. After a while, she gets a call and learns that her parents have died in a car accident

The death of the parents has a very bad effect on Annora Petrova, causing her to lose her composure and fall ill. Annora Petrova’s relatives get her medical treatment done, due to which she slowly starts recovering. After a full recovery, Annora tells her relatives that she wants to take up ice skating again and pursue a career in it.

Now Annora Petrova moves to Switzerland, where she practices her ice skating and wins many competitions as well. After that, she comes back to America and she wins the junior championship here too.

Now slowly Annora Petrova’s life was getting normal again. She was winning several championships one after the other and was again considered a strong contender for the Olympics.

After the death of Annora Petrova’s parents, she stopped visiting that Wikipedia page. She thought that the Wikipedia page and her greed had killed her parents

Annora Petrova’s life was now completely normal and had also recovered from the shock of her parent’s death. After a while she thinks, why not go to that Wikipedia page again and see what is written about her. But then she feels that “if something bad happens this time as well as the first time” and because of this fear, she postpones the idea. But after that, this thought came again and again in her mind and she kept avoiding it again and again.

Finally On 24 October 2010, after a long struggle, she decided that she would open this Wikipedia page one last time and see what was written about her. As she sees that Wikipedia page, she is stunned. On that page it was written, “Annora Petrova was the American Junior Ice Skating Champion, she died because of her loneliness and greed”.

Four days passed but Annora did not come out of the house, the neighbors came to know and called the police. When the police enter Annora Petrova’s house, they find Annora Petrova’s body lying on the computer table. Looking at the dead body, it is known that she had died three-four days ago. After this, the police send the body for postmortem and start further investigation in this case.

During the investigation of this case, the police find a letter from Annora Petrova’s computer which she had written to her friend. In the letter, her whole story was written about how she gets a Wikipedia page in which whatever is written about her becomes true. Then once she tries to edit this page, but can not do it and after some time when she looks back on that page, it is written in it that her parents will be killed in a car accident. Then when she calls her father, her father doesn’t pick up her call. But as soon as he picked up the phone, the sound of a man laughing came from the front. There was much more written ahead of it.

When the police did an investigation on the things which are written in the letter, so many things came out.

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Annora Petrova Wikipedia

  • Annora Petrova writes in the letter that when she called her father, he did not pick up, and when the phone was picked up, the sound of someone laughing came from the front. But when the police check her mobile, it is found that Annora did not make any call that day.
  • Annora Petrova never told her friends that there is a Wikipedia page with her name on the internet and whatever is written in it turns out to be true.
  • Even after doing a lot of investigation by the police, that Wikipedia page has not been found till date.

After thoroughly investigating the things written in the letter, the police came to know three things.

  • Annora Petrova is lying.
  • Annora Petrova was suffering from some mental illness.
  • Annora Petrova is telling the truth, but there is no solid proof of this.

This story of Annora Petrova remains a mystery for the Portland Police, which has not been solved yet. I wish in the future such a technique is discovered, by which this Wikipedia mystery of Annora Petrova can be solved.

What Happened to Annora Petrova?

No one knows what happened to Annora Petrova till date. But she tells in her written letter that she was successful because of that Wikipedia page and because of that she also got ruined.

Did she have any mental illness or was there some other reason for her death? How she died sitting on the computer table, it is still a matter of mystery.

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