Bhangarh Fort Story: Does Ghost really exist in bhangarh Fort?

This story is of a fort about which there are many stories, whenever there is mention of a haunted place, the name of this fort is taken first. In the Alwar district of Rajasthan, about 235 km from Delhi, there is a fort built in the middle of the Aravalli hills, named “Bhangarh Fort“. 

Bhangarh Fort was built in the year 1573 by Raja Bhagwant Das of Amer for his younger son Madho Singh. When this fort was completed, it used to be very populated and happy and at that time there used to be more than nine thousand houses in Bhangarh. But then what happened suddenly was that a prosperous fort turned into ruins and even today there is so much fear among people about Bhangarh, that people are afraid to go there.

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Bhangarh Fort Story

Accordingly, the Archaeological Department of India, which takes care of this fort, has written on a board that “It is strictly forbidden for anyone to enter this fort before the sunrise and after the sun sets.” Although the reason behind this fort is ruined and haunted, no one knows even today, but, There are many stories about this and two of them are the stories that people trust the most.

1. Baba Balunath Bhangarh Story

At some distance from Bhangarh Fort, a monk named Guru balunath used to do meditation, When he came to know that King Bhagwandas was building a grand fort, he sent a message to the king. when King Bhagwandas reached Guru Balunath, he told the king that “I have no objection to the fort you are building, but keep one thing in mind that do not make the height of this fort so high that its shadow reaches the place where I do Meditation at any time of the day.” 

in those days, the saints were to be very accomplished and everyone respected them very much. Therefore, King Bhagwant Das also did the same as Guru Balunath tell and the height of any part of Bhangarh fort was not so high that the shadow could reach Guru Balunath. This matter of Guru Balunath was kept for the next two generations, but it is said that when the third generation took over the throne of Bhangarh, they did not take this matter seriously and ignored the warnings given by Guru Balu Nath.

After this, the Bhangarh Fort was raised higher, due to which the shadow of the fort reached Guru Balu Nath. When the shadow of Bhangarh Fort reached Guru Balu Nath, he got angry and at the same time, he cursed Bhangarh that Bhangarh would be destroyed. It is said that after this curse of Guru Balu Nath, trouble broke out on Bhangarh and the entire Bhangarh was destroyed.

Apart from this, it is also said that the famine that came in 1783, in which the death toll was in crores, that famine came only because of the curse of Guru Balu Nath. Which forced crores of people in entire North India including Bhangarh to starve. Later it is not that no one tried to settle there, but many people wanted to settle in Bhangarh, Many people tried to build new houses there, but it is said that whoever builds that house, his roof never lasts and always falls, People believe that all this is due to the curse of Bhangarh.

2. Ratnavati Bhangarh Story

Now the second story which people believe the most is the story of a princess. It is said that at one time when Bhangarh used to be very populated and prosperous, then there used to be a princess in the palace of this fort whose name was Ratnavati. Princess Ratnavati was very beautiful and the discussions about her beauty were spread far and wide. Due to this, the relations of big kings kept coming every day. But apart from these kings, there was another person who was crazy about Princess Ratnavati, whose name was Singhia.

Singhia was an occultist and ever since he had seen Princess Ratnavati, he was deeply infatuated with her and now wanted to get Princess Ratnavati at any cost. But he knew that he could never directly get the princess, So he found another way to get the princess Ratnavati and now he was looking for the right opportunity.

One day Singhia got this opportunity, it happened that one day a maid of a princess came to the market of Bhangarh. That maid had come to buy hair oil for the princess and Singhia was looking for such an opportunity. When that maid started going back after buying oil for the princess, Singhia somehow stopped that maid and because he was an expert in black magic, Singhia did black magic on the oil that the maid had bought for the princess.

After that, the maid reached the princess Ratnavati with the oil and when she gave that oil to the princess, the princess got some doubt after seeing that oil. On seeing the oil, Ratnavati came to know that someone has done black magic on this oil. Then the Ratnavati asked her maid, did you find anyone in the market? So that maid told about Singhia. 

On hearing the name of Singhia, Ratnavati understood the whole matter and she threw that oil on a stone, due to which oil was scattered on that stone. Singhia had done such black magic on that oil that whoever applied that oil would have been under the control of Singhia.

Ratnavati did not use that oil due to doubt so that she was saved, but inside the same stone on which that oil was scattered, all the black magic got absorbed. Because of this, that stone started rolling towards Singhia. When Singhia saw that a big stone was moving fast toward him, it did not take him long to understand the whole thing. 

But before he could do anything, the stone landed on his chest and it was impossible for him to survive because the stone was too big. But before dying, he gave a curse and said that “all the people of this Bhangarh including Ratnavati will die and the souls of all these people will wander in Bhangarh Fort”. 

After giving this curse, Singhia died, but it is said that after some time after his death, there is a very fierce war between Bhangarh and its nearby state Ajabgarh, in which the entire Bhangarh is destroyed. In this battle, the army of Ajabgarh kills the whole of Bhangarh, in which many people of Bhangarh including Princess Ratnavati are killed.

Although there is no description of the war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh anywhere in history. It is said that after this war the fort of Bhangarh was never inhabited and no one settled here after that. With time, Bhangarh became deserted and today it has become a place of ghosts. It is said that the souls of all those who were killed in the war are still present in Bhangarh.

Residents of Bhangarh say that at night, they hear the sound of someone screaming from inside, sometimes laughing, and sometimes the sound of an anklet. they also tell that whoever went inside the Bhangarh fort in the night till today never came back alive and even if someone comes back alive, then their mental condition deteriorates or they die in an accident.

Apart from this, another thing which is famous about this fort is that when there was a war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, at that time a lot of treasure was hidden in Bhangarh, To save that treasure from the common people, this rumour was spread that Bhangarh Fort is haunted. But because there is no history of the war between Bhangarh and Ajabgarh, questions arise on how much truth is there in the matter of hiding any treasure there.

One amazing thing is that every fort has its history from beginning to end, there is the history of how the Bhangarh fort was built and who built it, but how it was destroyed, there is no description in the history and this thing makes bhangarh more mysterious. 

Some people who go for visits during the day, tell that they feel as if someone is following them, it seems as if there is some unseen power present there. After the arrival of these things, the team of many big news channels and the people of the Paranormal Society of India have gone there during the night to investigate the Bhangarh fort.

All those people also took the device to tell the presence of ghosts or spirits, in their investigation, negative energy was found in the fort of Bhangarh, but there was no evidence of whether any ghosts resided there or not. According to them, whatever people have heard or read about Bhangarh, because of that people have the illusion that there is someone present and different things are felt.

Apart from this, these ghostly things became even more famous due to the ban on entry at night by the Government of India, but on the other hand, people still believe these stories to be true and according to them even today the Bhangarh Fort is inhabited by ghosts. Overall, even today no one knows what happened in Bhangarh 300 years ago that it became such a deserted and ruined place.

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