Chaudhary Charan Singh Police Station Story

This is the real story of Chaudhary Charan Singh. In the year 1979, It was around 6 pm, a farmer dressed in dirty clothes came to the police station(Etawah) to register his complaint. About 75 years old, no shoes on feet. He was a little scared even to enter the police station and because of fear, the poor old farmer was unable to speak.

A constable comes to the farmer and asks the question… what do you want? The worried farmer says that… Inspector, my pocket has been robbed by a thief. Hearing this, a head constable, who was resting outside the police station, saw that farmer. After getting up from his chair, that head constable asked the farmer first tell me where are you from.

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Chaudhary Charan Singh Police Station Story 

The farmer replied. I am a resident of Meerut sir. Here in Etawah I am staying at a relative’s house, came from my village with money to buy a bull. I was going on the way, at the same time the thief stole my purse, there were so many rupees in it, if that purse is not found then it will be a big problem for me. Please, sir… write the FIR and catch that thief.

On hearing the matter of catching the thief, the head constable again questioned the farmer, hey… first, tell me why had come so far from Meerut to buy bulls. This is not understandable at first. Secondly, what is the proof that your purse has been stolen it may also be that the money has fallen somewhere, or you spent somewhere drinking alcohol or having other fun.

In this way, the constable asked so many questions that the farmer got confused and the policemen indirectly told the farmer “no matter what you do, your complaint will not be accepted”. Now the situation became such that the poor farmer couldn’t even go home without complaining, so he sat down holding his head, Then a policeman approached him and spoke silently in his ear…if you give us some bribe then your FIR will be accepted.

On the matter of writing the FIR, the farmer became happy, But the bribe has to be paid, thinking that again he sat down holding his head. Now the farmer said that I am very poor and upset, how will I be able to give money. Even after much discussion, the constable did not agree, so the farmer gave 35 rupees. Secretly taking 35 rupees, that constable started writing the FIR on a piece of paper.

After writing the FIR, the constable said that…hey man do you sign or thumb. Saying this, the constable gave the pen and thumb ink pad to the farmer. The farmer first picked up the pen and then the ink pad. The constable also kept thinking for a while that what would that farmer do, sign or thumb?

The farmer signed on the paper and then took out a seal from the pocket of his dirty clothes. Putting the same seal on the ink pad and stamped it on the paper. Seeing this the constable was again astonished. Which seal did this farmer take out of his pocket and stamp? He immediately picked up the paper to see, then the name was written on it… Chaudhary Charan Singh and the seal was written on it… Prime Minister of India.

On seeing the sign, the policeman’s feet started trembling, immediately saluting the farmer and started apologizing, Seeing this, the other policemen also gathered. In a hurry, all the police officers and administration reached the Etawah police station. After which all the policemen of that police station were suspended.

After all, why did a Prime Minister suddenly make a surprise inspection of the police station? It is said that in the year 1979, Chaudhary Charan Singh became the new Prime Minister of India. At that time, farmers of many districts of Uttar Pradesh had told that they had to pay bribes for minor works in police stations. On getting information about this, Prime Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh reached UP, when he was going with his convoy in Etawah, then he remembered that he had received a complaint from this area. Therefore he left his convoy at some distance from the Etawah police station. 

Chaudhary Charan Singh first took off his shoes, after that while walking, he picked up soil from a nearby field and rubbed it on his clothes. He rubbed the soil so that he looked like a poor and helpless farmer. After this, he reached the police station, where a bribe of Rs 35 was demanded from him, After which he suspended all the officers of that police station. This was not the first case of Chaudhary Charan Singh when he suddenly went somewhere to inspect in disguise, but even before that when he was the CM of UP, he used to go to government offices in disguise.

Chaudhary Charan Singh was born on 23 December 1902 in Nurpur village of Meerut district, his father’s name was Chaudhary Mir Singh. Chaudhary Charan Singh also joined the freedom movement at the age of 27. After independence, for the first time in the year 1952, Chaudhary Charan Singh became the Revenue Minister in the Congress government.

In the year 1967, on 3 April, Chaudhary Charan Singh became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. However, about a year later, on 17 April 1968, he resigned from the post of Chief Minister. But after the election, he again became the CM on 17 February 1970. After becoming CM, he was also the Home Minister in the Central Government. On 28 July 1979, Chaudhary Charan Singh became the Prime Minister of India with the help of the Communist Party and Congress party.

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