Codex Gigas The Devil’s Bible : This mysterious Codex Gigas book was written in just one night

Do you know which is the most haunted book in the world, otherwise today we will talk. The world’s most haunted book is the Devil’s Bible whose original name is Codex gigas. This is a work that was written in a very short time and this book inspires people to worship the devil.

The codex gigas, also known as the devil’s Bible, is famous for two reasons. It is the world’s largest preserved medieval manuscript (Codex Giggs means “Great Book”) and contains a full-page depiction of Satan. It is believed that the author did not have any special intention behind writing this book, it was written on an agreement.

This is the reason why this book came into existence, this book which became famous as Devil’s Bible, this book was written by a monk in the 13th century, it is believed by historians. The way this book was created is an unsolved mystery in itself, this book was written in such a short time that you cannot even imagine. How this must have been done The book was written in the thirteenth century at the place of the benedictine monastery of world dessis Bohemian.

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Codex Gigas The Devil’s Bible

How such a big book could have been written in one night, this question still baffles historians. This book got its name Devil’s Bible because it was not written by any divine power but through the inspiration of some demonic force. The more mysterious as this book is, the more mysterious it is about its creation, it was written in just one night, which is beyond the capacity of any human being.

There is a story behind this book, according to legend, this book was written with an agreement with Satan, which is why this book is called Devil’s Bible. The story goes that a Monk named Herman the Recluse has been ordered to build it. Because the monasticists had sentenced Hermann to death for breaking the rule of the monastery. But he said that I made a mistake and you cannot give me such a big punishment. So the abbots decided that it should be given to the writing of the manuscript book.

And that too in a single day. But it is impossible to write a whole book in one day. And the monks also said that if the monk could not do this, he would get the death penalty. When that Monk started writing the book, he felt that he would not be able to write this book, so he was disappointed, Monk called the devil with the power of his powers. and called Satan. When the devil appeared, he said why did he call me, Satan said whatever you wish, I will fulfill it, but in return I want your soul.

The monk said yes and made a deal with the devil. Then after that in the same night, Satan wrote the entire book on leaves made from animal skins. After that in the morning the monk gave that book to the monks. Those people could not understand how the monk wrote this book in one night. But after that day the monk was freed from punishment. Many images of Satan are depicted in this book.

In this book, ghosts, magic spells, list of Bohemian people and information given by Monk have been written there. When an attempt was made to read that book, everyone was surprised because it was not a divine book but a scripture invoking the devil. Efforts were also made to destroy that book but the incidents that happen with this book leave people by surprise.

Whoever has this book, wherever he is, he starts losing his divinity and his mental balance gets disturbed. Words used to come out of this book and this book is kept in the museum of Stockholm Sweden. On the front page of this book there is a strange picture of a devil which makes it terrible. 160 donkeys’ skin was used to make it. It is believed that there are a total of 310 pages in this book, which are filled with methods of invoking Satan, it is the most mysterious and haunting book in the world.

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