Ed Gein The Story of American Serial killer as Know as Butcher of Plainfield

Ed Gein American Serial killer Story

Whenever a story of serial killing comes to the fore from all over the world, the name comes of Serial Killer “Ed Gein” of America. When she stepped into Ed Gein’s house, she was stunnedPieces of human body were used to make different furniture of the house. “The cushion that sits on the chair was made from human skin“.

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The skin of the woman’s face was neatly separated from the face to make the cover of the nightlamp. After drying the skin, the cover of the night lamp was made from it. Not only this, instead of the buttons on the string that pulls the curtains, Ed Gein had kept the lips separated from the face of a woman.

Ed Jean was born in the year 1906 in the city of Law Crossy County. This city falls in the US state of Wisconsin. Ed gein’s father’s name was “George” while his mother’s name was “Augusta”, Ed Gein also had an older brother named “Henry”. As much as Augusta was a believer in God, gein’s father was quite the opposite of her. Ed Gein’s father George used to drink a lot, due to which his business in the city was ruined and he came with his family to Plainfield Farm (BUTCHER OF PLAINFIELD) in Wisconsin and started farming here.

Ed Gein and her brother were enrolled in a nearby small town school. Gein’s mother, Augusta, felt that being in form would give Gein and Henry the same bad habits as their fathers. Augusta used to read the Bible to both of them everyday. She did not want her sons to be friends with anyone or that any outsider should come and go in her house. From childhood, the effect of all these things started on Gein’s mind.

If he had made any friends in school, gein’s mother used to beat him up. For this reason, most of gein’s childhood was spent with her brother and mother. He loved his mother very much while there was no attachment towards his father. Ed Gein’s father George died on 1 April 1940 at the age of 66.

After the death of their father, Ed Gein and Henry went out to do small jobs. They would do whatever work they got. Ed Gein also worked as a babysitter in many homes for a long time. During this time Ed gein was absolutely fine. There was no complaint of any kind against him.

One day in May 1944, ed gein was cleaning the fields with his older brother Henry. To eliminate weeds, he set fire to the grass growing there. The fire in the field became uncontrollable, the help of fire brigade had to be taken to extinguish the fire. The fire was extinguished but suddenly Henry disappeared. The news of Henry’s disappearance was also given to the police and when he was searched at the farm house itself, Henry’s body was found from the farm itself.

Seeing the body, the police guessed that Henry died of suffocation as there was no burn mark on his body. The death was not investigated as an accident. Now only Ed gein and his mother were left on the form. Saddened by Henry’s death, Augusta was paralyzed. Seeing this condition of the mother, gein was very sad and now her whole time started going in the service of the mother.

Although there was no improvement in Augusta’s health despite much hospitality, she died in December 1945. After the death of her mother, ed gein closed all the rooms in her house which her mother used to use. He confined himself to a room in the house which was near the kitchen and he used to stay here.

After mother’s departure, ed gein became very lonely and now he used to take care of his form only. He lived alone, did not interact much with anyone. In the meantime, he fell in love with reading the books of cannibalism and started reading all the books related to it.

12 years had passed since the death of Ed Gein’s mother. In 1957, “Bernice Varden“, a middle-aged woman who ran a hardware shop in Plainfield, suddenly disappeared. He was last seen at night before he disappeared. Since then his store was closed. The people of the area felt that she had closed the shop early and went home. But when the shop did not open the next day and Bernice did not reach his house, his son’s head shook.

Bernice’s son worked in the police. Looking for his mother, he reached the shop. When the shop was opened, the scene there was terrible. There was blood splattered inside the shop. Bernice’s son Frank saw that the last receipt was printed in the name of Ed Jean and that he had to come to the store to get some items but he also did not come to the shop. In such a situation, Frank decides that he only goes to Ed Jean’s house to find out where he is.

Frank reached Jean’s house with the policemen for long, Jean could not stand in front of their questions. Frank became suspicious and began a search of the form. When the policemen entered Ed Jean’s house for the first time, his heart came to his mouth. 

Ed Gein Lampshade

Parts of the human body were scattered everywhere. Many parts of human skulls and skeletons were lying in the house.

The seats of the chairs of the house were made of human skin. Food utensils were made from human skulls and other parts of the body. Masks were made from the skin of the human face. The lampshade was made from a human face. Apart from the human skin, the police also found finger nails, nose pieces, parts of the torso and private parts of about nine women from there. 

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On searching, the body of Bernice Warden was also found by the police. Her head was beheaded, his heart was removed and hung in a polythene, and his body was hung with iron hooks as butchers often hang animals in their shop, i.e. iron in one of his legs. His hook was hooked on which his whole body was hanging.

interview with ed gein

Now the question was that how did so many parts of the human body finally come to the house of Ed Gein. Now the police brought Ed Gein to the police station. The interrogation ensued and Ed Gein was making horrifying revelations one after the other. According to Ed Gein, during the years 1947 to 1952, he went to three nearby cemeteries about forty times and he dug many graves there.

Ed Gein said that he only targeted such graves in which a woman had recently been buried. He used to dig the graves of women who were over fifty years old because he saw his mother in them. Ed Gein told that as soon as night fell, a strange trance used to take over his mind. He could not control himself and in this state of intoxication, he would reach the nearby cemetery.

Going there, he would dig the grave and try to take out the dead body. Ed Gein told that it happened about thirty times that as soon as he was about to take out the corpse from the grave, the intoxication on his mind ended, so he left the corpse in the grave and returned home.

However, it happened nine times that he brought the dead bodies of women in his car and brought them home. After this, the ed gein used to remove the skin from different parts of their body. Ed Gein told that he wanted to make a suit from the skins of the dead bodies of women stolen from the cemetery. He used to think that if he wears a suit made of women’s skin, he will enter his mother’s body. Through this way he will once again be close to his mother.

After his arrest, ed Gein was put on trial but due to his mental condition, he was sent to a mental asylum. Ed Gein’s treatment went on from 1957 to 1968 and doctors found Ed Gein fit for punishment in the year 1968, but after some time the doctors again told his mental condition to be bad.

After this, Ed Gein remained in the insane asylum till his death and died on 26 July 1984 at the age of 77, which was later buried near the grave of his mother and brother. Ed Gein’s house was set on fire during his stay in the insane asylum, while after his death his farm and car were auctioned by the government.

The person who bought his car at the auction used to buy tickets to see the car carrying the corpse, and people used to come to see that car of Ed Gein. Many films have also been made in Hollywood about Ed Gein, including films like Psycho and Silence of the Lambs.

The butcher of plainfield 2007 | ed gein documentary netflix

Name : Ed Gein the butcher of plainfield

Release date: 6 March 2007

Director: Michel Feifer

Genre : Horror/thriller

Time: 1 hr 30 m

IMDB: 3.7/10

Cast: Kane Holder, Adrienne Frantz, Michel Berryman, Priscilla Barnes.

Story: The twisted and murderous appetites of the notorious Ed Gein, whose depredations in his small town of Plainfield come as quite a shock to his neighbors, especially Deputy Mason, whose mother Vera and girlfriend Erica have gone missing.

Ed Gein book

Deviant: The Shocking True Story of Ed Gein

Author: Harold schechter

Language: English

Paperback: 256

SBIN No: 0671025465

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Deviant-Shocking-Story-Original-Psycho/dp/0671025465

About Author: Harold Schechter is a professor of American literature and culture. Renowned for his true-crime writing, he is the author of the nonfiction books Fatal, Fiend, Bestial, Deviant, Deranged, Depraved, and, with David Everitt, The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers. He is also the author of Nevermore and The Hum Bug, the acclaimed historical novels featuring Edgar Allan Poe. He lives in New York State.

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