ILLUMINATI Conspiracy Story

Illuminati is such an intelligence agency that no one knows about, but people believe that it is still working in this world. Just as many countries have their intelligence agency, Illuminati is also an intelligence agency, but it does not work for any one country, but it is spread all over the world.

People believe that all the rich people of the world are associated with this Illuminati organization. People also believe that the purpose of this Illuminati organization is to run this world in its way.

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Illuminati the Secret

People also believe that these Illuminati organization are keeping an eye on the people. This organization works in every small and big country. Their meeting is held at some secret place, which is hidden from the general public.

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How Illuminati was Founded?

In 1773, a professor named Adam Weishaupt was teaching at the University of Ingolstadt in Germany, and it was Adam Weishaupt who founded the Illuminati. In the time of 1773, religious fundamentalism, superstition, people did not have their rights, the government and church had control over the people.

What is the motive of the Illuminati organization?

Adam Weishaupt thinks that an ideal society cannot be formed because of the strict control of the government over the people. If an ideal society is to be created, people have to be given their rights and freedoms. Because of this, Adam Weishaupt founded the Illuminati organization.

Adam Weishaupt first included five of his students in the Illuminati organization and in a short time, 3000 people joined them. Whoever joins this Illuminati organization has to follow a strict rule such as cannot tell anyone that he is associated with the Illuminati organization and if anyone does this then he will be killed.

The supression of Illuminati.

For the first time, the German government found out that there was an intelligence organization called the Illuminati, which supports people committing suicide and abortion. After this, the head of the Illuminati, Adam Wieshaupt, is expelled from the city by the German government.

After a few days of rest, Adam Wieshaupt again starts the work of adding people to the Illuminati organization, but again the German government finds out and Adam is again expelled to another place.

After this Adam writes a book about the Illuminati, and through that book, again people go on connecting with the Illuminati organization. Through the book written by Adam, the concept of the Illuminati gradually spread all over the world and even today this Illuminati organization is working, in which many big personalities are associated with this Illuminati.

Conspiracy of Illuminati organization.

It is said that all the big events that happen in this world, which do not get any clue, are done by this Illuminati organization.


  • world war 1 and world war 2 also had the illuminati behind them. Hitler’s movement was promoted and Illuminati was also behind his death.
  • The Illuminati was also behind the death of John F. Kennedy. The women standing next to him who shot John were never seen again after that incident. It is believed that the woman was associated with the illuminati.
  • The French Revolution in the 18th century was also caused by the Illuminati.
  • It is said that Michael Jackson was also associated with this Illuminati organization. When he created a triangle with his hand while dancing among the people, which is the secret code of the illuminati them he died mysteriously.
  • The spread of terrorism in the world is done by the Illuminati. It is said that the 9/11 incident in America was also done by the Illuminati.

There are many other incidents which the Illuminati is behind them.


In 1773, Adam founded the Illuminati, whose purpose was to give freedom to people to live their way and due to this ideology, it spread from Germany to the whole world.

After this, there were rapid changes in the life of the people, which proved to be good for the people, but during this time there were many such incidents for which people do not have the answer.

Illuminati was created for human welfare, but in due course of time, some such incidents happened which seems that Illuminati is forcing people to live in their way.

The rich people of the world are associated with this Illuminati organization, but there is no concrete evidence from anyone about this organization and this Illuminati is still a mystery.

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