Javed Iqbal : Pakistan’s most dangerous serial killer who was punished for cutting into 100 pieces

The story is of such a serial killer. The judges were also stunned after hearing his cruelty. The judge, who must have seen many dangerous criminals in front of his eyes and also sentenced those criminals to the harshest punishment. But when the case of this serial killer was heard, in anger, the judge sentenced him in such a way that the world was stunned.

The judge also announced to punish the serial killer who brutally killed 100 children after raping them in the same dreadful way. The court said in its decision that the way Javed Iqbal brutally murdered 100 children by strangulation, he should also be given a death sentence.

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Javed Iqbal Serial Killer

In the same way, he should be brutally strangled 100 times. Just like he used to strangle innocent children with chains. Then in the same way at least 100 pieces of the corpse of this serial killer should also be cut as he used to cut the bodies of children.

After this, those pieces should be melted by putting them in acid, like he used to do. Now after this decision, questions began to arise in the court all over the world about whether such a dreadful punishment can be given even in today’s time.

After all, the court had to change its decision regarding the punishment of this serial killer when questions were raised around the world. Then it was announced again to give the death penalty to that serial killer. the horrifying story of serial killer Javed Iqbal.

The story of Javed Iqbal started with an anonymous letter in December 1999.

An Urdu newspaper of Pakistan. The editor of this newspaper gets a letter. The editor was stunned after reading the first line of that letter. In that letter, it was written…

“I raped 100 children before killing them, then melting their bodies in a lot of acids”

A parcel also came with this letter. On opening it, there were pictures of some children in it. So seeing some such papers, it seems that the sender of the letter is not joking. Now it is said that a similar letter and parcel were sent to the police there as well. 

The police also read that letter and opened the parcel and saw it. But the police took it as a joke. But the editor of that newspaper did not ignore it. Instead of investigating every news, one journalist was sent to the address given in that letter and got it verified.

In that letter, the address of an old house on Ravi Road in Pakistan was given. which was in a very secluded place. Investigating this, the journalist sent by the editor reached there. When that journalist saw the condition there, suspicion was slowly starting to turn into belief.

That journalist found such evidence there which shocked me. There were traces of blood in many places. A bag was also found. In which there were children’s shoes and clothes. Now it seems that some incident related to children has happened here. After this, a diary was also found there. It was written about children in that diary.

Now seeing the diary, that journalist immediately gave complete information to his editor. It was also told that the things written in the letter seem to be true. Because many children have been murdered here. On hearing this, the editor immediately informed the police about this.

After this,  the police took it seriously and reached that place to investigate. Now in the presence of the police, when the search started there. Then the skeletons of the first two children were found there. A big container was also found nearby.

That container was filled with hydrochloric acid. There were some pieces of paper on the wall. It was as if the serial killer who wrote the letter was confident that either the police or the journalist would come here.

It was written on those walls…

“All the murder details are in a diary and a 32-page notebook. which I have left in the room. Its copy has been sent to the officers. I have not been able to dispose of the dead bodies which will be found by the police. Even if the police will get them, maybe after my suicide. Now I am going to die by jumping into the Ravi river.”

Now after reading these lines, the police ran towards the Ravi river to nab him. But no one was found there. The police searched for a long time. After this, hundreds of police forces were called and their search was started.

It is said that to catch that serial killer, the Pakistan Police acted in the biggest search operation of that year. But still, the police could not reach him. Then one day suddenly a person reaches the office of the same Urdu newspaper. Light beard and moustache. Put glasses on the eyes. Age around 44-45 years at that time.

This man introduced himself as Javed Iqbal. Then said, I am the one who sent the letter and said to kill 100 children. Then he told the editor of the newspaper that he had come to surrender. Now the interview of Javed Iqbal started here and on the other hand, as soon as the police got the information, the spot reached the newspaper’s office. As soon as the interview was over, the police caught him.

Now the challenge before the police was whether it was Javed Iqbal or someone else. Which children has it killed? Why is it killed? What is the reason behind killing only children? All these were big questions for the police. Therefore, the police now started opening every layer of those pages in which the screams of many children were buried. And do not know how many children’s dreams were buried alive.

When the police started interrogating him, his first line was this… I am Javed Iqbal. I am the murderer of 100 children. I hate this world. I’m not ashamed of what I’ve done. What I thought I have now accomplished. That’s why I am ready to die. I will not apologize. I have killed 100 children.

The police asked him if that have been doing this since childhood. Then Javed Iqbal replied. It’s not like that. I was born in the year 1956. I was a very simple person since childhood. Just like other people are. I too had a family. I also had a lovely mother, She loved me too.

In such a situation, the police asked that when everything was fine, then why and how did you kill the children? After all, what is the reason behind it?

This was the question that was going to bring out the whole truth of Javed Iqbal’s life. While answering this question, Javed also got a little emotional. And then started answering. He told the police that…

This was about the time when he was about to turn 20. At that time the police had arrested him. He was accused of rape. But that rape was completely false. He had never done such an incident. Now seeing the son behind the bars in jail, his mother got upset.

It took day and night to get him out of jail. But did not get success. I stayed in jail and used to see my mother in tears every time she cried. But the misfortune was such that even her tears could not be wiped. And there came a day when the mother died while waiting for her son to come out of jail.

I was broken and filled with anger at the death of my mother. That is why at the same time I took an oath that whatever happens now, I will also make at least 100 mothers cry. That too for his sons. So that 100 mothers here can understand how much they suffer when their children are not there.

 Now the question was, how did he trap the children?

Javed Iqbal told the whole story on this question. A Pakistani newspaper published a statement from Javed Iqbal in the year 2001 about this. According to that statement, Javed Iqbal used to trap children in his trap in a very wonderful way. For this, he had opened a shop of children’s favourite video games in that locality.

Now more and more children come to that shop, so he reduced the rates very much. Many times he used to make video games free to bring more children. In this greed, children used to come to his video game shop many times without even informing the family members.

Now he used to adopt a new method to target one child among many children. For this, he used to drop Rs 100nnotese in his shop. Now some children used to pick up that money and keep it. After this, Javed used to make all the children stand in a line to find out that money. Then used to search the children. Now from whom he used to get the note, he used to take it to the room and close the door. Then he used to rape that child while doing obscene acts.

When some people got suspicious about this, people stopped sending children to the shop. After this, he opened the aquarium to show the fish. After this, he started targeting those children who either used to run away from home or used to come there roaming alone. After this, he used to bring those children to a house in Shadbagh of Lahore and used to rape them.

After this, he used to strangle those children to death. To strangle him, he used an iron chain so that the children would die in agony. He used to take out the photos of those children and keep them so that his sign remains. He used to brutally kill them and cut the bodies of the children into several pieces. After this, he dissolved those pieces by putting them in acid.

In this way, no evidence related to any child can be found. Even after smelting the child’s body, some part was left, then he used to take it to the nearby river and throw it away. In this way, he killed 100 children. The skeletons e of whithemre are also kept as a sign.

In this way, after his statement, the police gathered evidence related to the children killed and based on his statement, it was presented in t. After which the court sentenced him to death on 16 March 2000.

The judge of that time, Allah Baksh, had convicted Javed Iqbal for the brutal murder of 100 children. The judge had said in the verdict that the convicted Javed should also be strangled 100 times and then after death 100 pieces of the body should be made. However, after this, the decision was changed to only a death sentence.

But before Javed was hanged, his body was suddenly found in Pakistan’s Lakhpat Jail on 8 October 2001. It was claimed that Javed had committed suicide. But it was also claimed that he was beaten to death in jail.

This question is asked because his dead body was hanging from the rod on the ceiling with the help of a bedsheet. The hands and feet had turned blue. There was blood coming out of the nose and mouth. There were dozens of wound marks on the body of the Javed Iqbal. Those marks were as if he had been attacked more than 100 times with a sharp weapon. One of his associates, Sajid Ahmed, who was involved in a crime with Javed, also died in the same way in jail.

It is said about Javed Iqbal that when he died, no one from his family and relatives came to collect his dead body. His brother Parvez Mughal had even said that…

He had died for us from the day he confessed to brutally killing 100 children. In such a situation, what will we do with the body of a person who is already dead?

Now a film has also come on the story of Javed Iqbal. Whose name is Iqbal Javed?

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