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Leslie Hylton was a West Indies cricketer. He was hanged in 1955 for the murder of his wife. Leslie Hylton is the only cricketer who has been given the death penalty. Born in a poor family, Leslie Hylton became a cricketer, then married and for some reason killed his wife. After which he got the death penalty.

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Leslie Hylton: the only cricketer who get the Death penalty

29 March 1905, Leslie Hilton was born in Jamaica. Leslie Hilton did not have a father, but when Leslie was three years old, her mother also died. Leslie was raised by her relatives, after studying for only seven years, Leslie started working.

Leslie was not interested in his work, he wanted to be an athlete. His stature was very good and he also loved playing cricket. He started playing cricket in Jamaica at the local level and became a good fast bowler and batsman.

From 1927 to 1935, he played local matches for Jamaica, being a good all-rounder, people thought that Leslie Hylton should get a chance to play in the West Indies team. In 1935, the England team came to play in the West Indies, in which Leslie got a chance to play. Leslie’s performance in the four-Test series was fine and the West Indies team won this Test match series.

When the West Indies team was going to play England, Leslie was also selected. But Leslie’s performance in England was not special and he was dropped from the team after 2 Test matches. Leslie Hylton took 16 wickets in 6 test matches and scored 70 runs. After being dropped from the team in England, he comes back to Jamaica.

After coming from Jamaica, Leslie retired from both local and Test cricket. After coming to Jamaica, Leslie meets a girl named Lurline Rose, who used to work as a fashion designer. Leslie Hylton and Lurline Rose both fall in love with each other, And both wanted to get married.

But Lurline’s family was not happy with this marriage because Lurline was the daughter of a police officer and her family members felt that Leslie’s background was not up to their level.

Against her family, Lurline Rose married Leslie Hilton. There was a lot of love between them and after 1 year of marriage, Lurline gave birth to a son. Lurline, Leslie, and their son were all overjoyed. During this, Lurline, who worked as a fashion designer, had to go to New York frequently due to her work and had to stay there for several days.

Everything was going well, Leslie and her son lived in Jamaica and Lurline used to come from New York to visit them a couple of times a month.

After 12 years of marriage, in April 1954, Leslie Hilton received an anonymous letter that read that “Your wife, who works as a fashion designer in New York, is having an affair with a man named Roy Francis. Hailing from a very high family, Roy met Lurline in New York, and then their affair also started.

Leslie Hilton is shocked to read the letter, after which he shows it to Lurline’s family members as well. But Lurline’s family members deny the things written in this letter and say that Lurline cannot do anything like this, all the things written in this letter are lies.

Leslie sends a telegram to Lurline in New York that reads, “Get back to Jamaica as soon as possible, I’ve received an anonymous letter saying you’re having an affair with someone Roy Francis”. Lurline replies that I am fine, I will be back as soon as my work is done. Roy Francis works with me, he’s just a good friend of mine, nothing more.

But Leslie still suspected that something was wrong. After this, Lurline completes her work and comes to Jamaica. Coming home, both Leslie and Lurline have a conversation, in which Leslie shows her the anonymous letter. But Lurline insists that everything written in this letter is false. Leslie trusted his wife and again their life became normal.

A few months later, one morning when Leslie sees the Gardner of his house going to the post office with a letter, Leslie becomes suspicious again and follows Gardner. Gardner submitted the letter to the post office, Leslie also followed him to the post office. Gardner leaves from there, after which Leslie pleads with the post office officials that he has to read the letter, which has just been submitted by Gardner.

The post office officials strongly refuse Leslie and then Leslie Hylton returns to his home there. Coming home, Leslie tells his wife, Lurline, that he has found out what is going on between him and Roy Francis and also says that he has found the letter, which she wrote for Roy Francis. There is a fight between the two over this matter, an angry Leslie leaves the house and goes out.

In the evening, Leslie returns home, and the two fight over the same issue. Finally, Lurline admits that she is having an affair with Roy Francis and that she lives with him in New York. And she also says that her family members are also happy about it, Roy Francis is from a high family and also of her Standard.

An angry Leslie brings the pistol kept in the house and fires bullets at Lurline. The people of Lurline’s family used to live in the neighborhood, so immediately after hearing the sound of gunshots, they came running to Lurline’s house. Seeing Lurline covered in blood, They immediately take her to the hospital, and as soon as they reach the hospital, Lurline dies. On the other side, the police arrest Leslie and put him in jail.

After that, This matter went to court, in which Leslie’s lawyer argued that “Leslie did not commit the murder intentionally but intended to commit suicide of himself, and Accidentally Lurline was shot and killed.” When the investigation report came, it was found that a total of seven bullets had been fired into Lurline’s body, making it clear that Leslie had intentionally killed Lurline. After this, the court sentences Leslie to death.

Finally, on 17 May 1955, Leslie Hylton was hanged in Jamaica. And thus Leslie Hylton became the only cricketer to have been given the death penalty.

Leslie Hylton wife Lurline Rose.

Lurline Rose was the daughter of a police officer, she worked as a fashion designer. One day she met Leslie Hylton, both fell in love and both got married. After 12 years of marriage, Leslie learns of Lurline’s ongoing affair with someone Roy Francis, causing them to quarrel and in April 1954, Leslie kills Lurline.

Leslie Hylton death cause.

Leslie Hilton’s wife, Lurline Rose, worked as a fashion designer in New York, with Leslie Hilton suspecting she had an affair with Roy Francis. One day they get into a fight, in which Lurline Accepts that she is having an affair with Roy. As a result, Leslie Hilton angrily shoots bullets at Lurline and kills her.

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