Mo Farah Truth : Olympic champion athlete of Britain kept on winning medals under fake Identity

British athlete Mo Farah is not an unknown name to those who belong to the world of sports. Mo Farah is considered the most successful long-distance runner in the history of British sports, But what Mo Farah told about himself in a documentary, he had kept hidden from the world till now.

The BBC has made a documentary about Britain’s great players and in it, there is also an episode on Mo Farah, who is included in the list of Britain’s greatest athletes of all time. In that documentary, Mo Farah himself admitted that he illegally reached Britain from Somalia and never revealed his real identity to anyone in Britain.

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Mo Farah’s Real Name Was Hussein Abdi Kehin.

Mo Farah’s real name is Hussein Abdi Kehin. Whereas people recognize him as Mohammad Mukhtar Jema Farah i.e. Mo Farah…In the BBC documentary, Mo Farah says that he kept this thing hidden since he illegally reached Britain from Somalia at the age of seven. Talking about himself in the documentary, Mo Farah himself said that people recognize him as Mo Farah but this is not his real name.

Although he also apologized for lying to the world, he told that after he got British citizenship in the year 2000, he make a new record of success under the British flag in athletics. In the BBC documentary, Mo Farah told about himself that he was born in Somalia and his childhood name was Hussein Abdi Kehin. 

When he was four years old, his father was killed in the civil war and during that period he was separated from his mother in a stampede. After that, he came in contact with some people who illegally sent children from Somalia to the United Kingdom under fake names, where they were also sent under the name of Mohamed Farah. 

While deported from Somalia to the UK, he was told that if he accidentally revealed his real name and identity to anyone, he would be imprisoned there forever. That’s why he never let his real name come in front of anyone and lived in Britain for many years with a fake identity.

It was a strange coincidence that Mo Farah was awarded all the British titles on this fake identity. After getting British citizenship in the year 2000, he received the CBE honour in 2013. CBE(Commander of British Empire) This award is given to the player who has achieved success by performing well at the national or international level.

Mo Farah is said to have been Britain’s most successful runner in the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters in his time. Mo Farah won gold medals in the 5000 meters and 10,000 meters at the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games. He is the second athlete, after Lasse Viren, to win gold medals at two consecutive Olympic Games in the long-distance races of 5000 meters and 10,000 meters.

For the same success as Mo Farah, he was also knighted by the Queen of Britain in 2017 and he became Sir Mo Farah. Regarding his early years, Sir Mo Farah said that after coming to England from Somalia, he initially lived with his uncle Djibouti. Apart from this, he also went to Somaliland several times to meet his mother. Not only this, but he has also once met the real Mohammed Farah in Somalia.

Sir Mo Farah has openly admitted in the documentary that he acquired British citizenship by lying and fraud. He had told his truth to his children and wife. However, after being successful, Mo Farah once told his truth to the UK Government so that he could get rid of his lies.

The UK Government assured him since he is a successful person and a successful athlete… as well as having achieved a lot of fame, the British government will neither take away his citizenship from him nor will he ever be deported to Somalia for this crime. Perhaps this is the reason that now Mo Farah Sir is not hesitant to reveal his truth and real identity to the world by becoming Mo Farah.

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