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Operation Chambermaid Israel

Operation Chambermaid which was carried out in 1986 by Israeli intelligence agency Mossad against the Syrian terrorist group PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation). There were attacks on civilians of Israel in different parts of the world by the PLO, and the Syrian Embassy in London was also behind these attacks.

Mossad did not have any evidence against the Syrian Embassy, ​​so Mossad’s agent himself carried out this Operation Chambermaid by implicating a member of the PLO who was attached to the Syrian Embassy.

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Motive of Operation Chambermaid

A few months before Operation Chambermaid, a special force of the IDF (Israel Defense Force) shot down a Syrian cargo ship in the Mediterranean Sea. In which 20 PLO terrorists were killed and 9 were arrested. These terrorists were about to create havoc by entering Israel via Tel Aviv. The masterminds of this planning were “Abu Nidal ” and “Ahmad gibril“, and they were helped by the Syrian Embassy in London.

Mossad Chief “Nahum Admani” gave the green signal to Operation Chambermaid to remove the Syrian Embassy in London.

Character’s of Operation Chambermaid

  • Anne-merie Murphy

Anne-Marie Murphy was an Irish girl, she had come to England from Ireland to earn money, but here she could only get the job of a chambermaid at the Hilton Hotel in London. His whole day went to clean hotel rooms and make people drink alcohol. She was not satisfied with her job at all and remained unhappy all day.

  • Tom Levi

Tom Levi was an undercover agent of Mossad, and he was living in London as a businessman. The handler of this Operation Chambermaid was also Tom Levi.

  • Nezar al Hindawni

Nazir Al Hindawani was born in Syria and worked for the PLO in London. Hindwani was a gambler and a Casanova type boy who was completely immersed in the high profile lifestyle of London.

  • Abu

Abu worked for the PLO while in London, and was also a close friend of Hindwani. Abu had been stealing money from the PLO’s bank accounts for some time, when Mossad came to know about this, Mossad forced him to become a double agent. Then he began working under Tom Levy.

Before The Operation Chambermaid

One morning in February 1985, a Learjet 35 private plane from Libya was flying over the Mediterranean Sea. The private plane was carrying 14 Arab citizens who were returning from Tripoli to Damascus after attending an anti-Israel convention.

Even while returning, these Arabs had only one thought in their mind “the destruction of Israel“.The thought of Israel’s destruction filled their hearts with joy. Taking a cup of tea a man says “Mossad has become a joke now”, his companions also hear this and say “Amin Amin“.

The man continues holding a cup of tea, “I don’t know how many Israelis we have killed in the past year, yet the Mossad did nothing.i would say that if all the beautiful women of Israel disappeared, it would be the end of the Mossad.” At this everyone laughs and the whole plane resonates in laughter.

Then two F-15 jets come and surround this private plane. Those who were laughing a while back were completely stunned now, as these F-15 jets were from Israel. Who destroyed the PLO’s headquarters in Tunisia a few days ago.

Of these F-15 jets, the jet on the right was pointing its wings up and down, silently pointing at the pilot of the private plane to follow us. Five seconds later, the jet on the left fired its cannon, warning the pilot of the private jet not to accidentally touch the radio.

The Libyan Learjet was landed at Israel’s northern military base, where the top Mossad interrogators were waiting for the 14 Arabs. Actually this plane hijack was done because Mossad had received the news that PLO’s most wanted “Abu Nidal” and “Ahmad Jibril” are present in this plane of Libya.

This News of Mossad turned out to be wrong, Mossad had no record of any of these 14 Arabian people in private jets. These 14 Arabian are put back in their plane and sent to Syria. While returning to their country, these 14 Arabian must have been thinking in their mind that “our life was saved and the Mossad did not even get any news” but they were thinking completely wrong in their mind.

Because during the interrogation of these 14 Arabs, Mossad’s agents came to know which of them could be persuaded to betray the PLO. Mossad had also identified him, he was none other than Nezar al-Hindawani.

Operation Chambermaid Full Details

Hindawi affairs : An Irish girl named Anne-Marie Murphy, who worked as a chambermaid at the Hilton Hotel in London, sits in the hotel bar. Just then an Arabian man wearing expensive silk shoots enters the bar and his name was Hindwani, whose eyes fall on this chambermaid and he smiles again and again, seeing whom the chambermaid was also smiling. There was love in both of their eyes. Sitting there, a businessman named Tom Levy was watching him silently.

Tom Levi knew very well that this Hindawi was a casanova type guy, who would leave Anne Marie after a few days. And to get rid of this anne marie he will need money.

Both Hindavani and Anne Marie were completely immersed in each other’s love. Annie Marie, who was previously sad, now happy all day, could not believe that this rich and beautiful looking Hindwani really loved her. Hindawi and Anne Marie now lived together in Hindawi’s house. In the evening hindawi used to come to hilton hotel to pick up anne marie.

As usual, one day Hindawi arrives at the Hilton Hotel to pick up Anne Marie. Every day Anne Marie happily returned home with Hindavi, but today Anne Marie looked very sad. On repeated inquiries by Hindavi, Anne Marie tells that she is pregnant and the child is of Hindavi. Before Hindavi says anything, Anne Marie says that no matter what happens, she will not have her abortion. At this hindawi hugs Anne Mary and says that he loves her very much, and that he will get married soon.

Hindavi was saying all this to keep Anne Marie’s heart, but he knew very well that he could never marry Anne Marie, Because in the society from which Hindawi comes, women doing small jobs like Anne Marie are considered to be very low class.

Hindavi also knew that if he did not adopt Anne Marie and she went to the police, his career in the PLO would be over and he would have to leave London as well.Hindavi did not want to leave the lucrative life of London and go back to Syria and would do anything for it. 

Hindavi now wanted to get rid of Anne Merie by doing anything and wanted to send her back to Ireland, for which he needed money. Taking this problem, hindawi goes to his personal friend Abu, and there Abu assures him that he will arrange money for him.Hindavi goes from there saying thanks to abu.

As soon as Hindavi leaves, Abu comes out of his flat and goes to the phone booth and dials the number in a hurry. After 3 bells, a voice comes from the front saying, “Hello, Tom Levy is speaking”.

Abu tells Tom Levi the full details of the ongoing situation between Hindawi and Anne Marie. Tom Levy, who himself had been keeping an eye on Hindavi, now felt that the time had come to carry out Operation Chambermaid.

The next day, Abu and Tom Levi meet in a safe house in London. Tom gives Abu an envelope full of $20,000 and says “Ten for you and ten for your friend“. After leaving there, the next day Abu meets Hindawi and says “With this money you can get rid of Anne Marie and live your bachelor life as before, but in return you have to do one thing” In which both Abu and Hindavi believed “the end of Israel”.

On the evening of 12 April 1986, Hindavi went home and told Anne Marie that he would marry her and give her child’s his name. It further states that “the only problem in our marriage is that you have to go to Israel before marriage and seek blessings from my parents“. Anne Marie herself, who grew up in a devout Christian family, cries after seeing her lover Hindavi loyal to her traditions.

Handing over some money received from Abu and a ticket of El Al-Airlines Hindawi tells Anne Marie, “Exactly five days later you have a flight on the 17th April, if I didn’t have important work here I would have gone with you too“. Anne Marie buys clothes for herself with Hindavi’s money, and also quits her job as a chambermaid at the Hilton Hotel.

On the morning of April 17 Hindavi tells Anne Marie that I have a friend who works as a cleaner in London airport, he wants to send some luggage with you which you will get at the airport. Anne Marie doesn’t ask much about luggage and they both get into a taxi together and leave for London airport. After arriving at London airport, Anne Marie hugs Hindavi, turns back and walks towards the departure gate. After a while she comes back running and again hugs Hindavi tightly. “Hurry, your flight will leave, if you don’t go, how will we get married?” Saying this, Hindavi drops him towards the departure gate. In no time, Anne Marie disappears from Hindavi’s eyes and he gets into the taxi to return.

After clearing passport control and UK security.Annie Marie settles into the El-Al-Airlines seating area, where Israel’s security officers give her the seat number after checking her luggage. Standing in the last departure row, Anne Marie was dreaming of her and Hindavi’s wedding with open eyes. Just then someone puts a hand on her shoulder, as she turns back a man in a blue uniform gives the bag in the hands of Anne Marie and immediately disappears from Anne Marie’s eyes.

After 15 seconds, El-Al-Airlines security officers surround Anne Marie and shout loudly, telling her to put down her bag. A completely stunned Anne Marie immediately puts the bags down, when an officer zaps the bags and starts checking them. During the investigation, about 1.5 kg of SEMTEX explosives were recovered from the bags. 

Weeping bitterly, Anne Marie tells her sad story to the officers of MI5, prompting the officers to understand that Anne Marie has been betrayed and that she is a victim.Based on information received from Anne Marie, the MI 6 officer immediately begins an investigation on Hindavi and her Syrian connections. On the other hand, the Special Branch of Scotland Yard works to find Hindavi. On the second day BBC News showed how the police foiled a major conspiracy at London airport. The conspiracy in which 1.5 kg of explosives was hidden in a woman’s bag. The anchor also says that the al-Al-Airlines plane would explode as soon as it reached an altitude of 39,000 feet, killing the 355 passengers on board. While telling this news, the TV anchor was repeatedly taking the names of Hindavi and Annie Meri.

Completely frightened after hearing this news from BBC News, Hindavi hides under a fake name in a room at the London Visitors Hotel in the Notting Hill area of ​​London. After some time the room service man knocks on the door, as soon as Hinavi opens the door, not the room service but the officers of the special branch stand in front of him, who immediately arrest him.When Hindavi is arrested, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher orders the Syrian embassy to be closed and its diplomats to leave the country.

After Britain, America, Canada and every small and big country in Europe made small and big allegations against Syria. Hindavi is tried in a London court, in which she is found guilty and sentenced to 45 years of life imprisonment. Which was the biggest punishment in the history of London.

Anne Marie then returns to her home country of Ireland, where she gives birth to a lovely daughter. In a 1998 interview, Anne Marie says that she is raising her daughter alone and she is very happy. Anne Marie also tells that she is happy because her daughter’s face doesn’t quite match Hindavi.

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