Owen Tomkinson – The Ghost Who Wants Tea & Cake

 The Ghost of Owen Tomkinson: Somebody who wanders every day in this cemetery…with his dreams…with a stick in his hand and a hat on his head…this strange outfit because he was an Englishman…was because It has died some hundred years ago from now…

Owen tomkinson,India's cake-loving British 'ghost',The ghost who talks cake & tea,British Ghost in India: Your tea and cake or your life!

This is the untold story of Gaya city of Bihar. ..who died in the year 1906…but even today…even after passing more than 115 years…he is wandering…It may sound strange but this soul needs just this…tea and biscuits…and every night he is seen walking in this whole area with the same desire…

The appearance of a spirit and asking for a tea biscuit or a cake makes me astonished…but there are many witnesses to this strange desire of that mighty spirit is also true that the graveyard from where that spirit comes… most of the graves there are of small children…

So is it to be believed that this British family, who was a victim of an accident, does this to fulfil the unfulfilled wish of one of their children it is difficult to decide but it is true that if that Englishman ordered then…either he has to give tea biscuits..or he has to promise to deliver in the morning…then it is possible to get rid of him.

People are afraid of this unique desire of “Owen Tomkinson’s” soul…but it is not even that life has stopped…Because anyone can fulfil this small wish.

But this spirit started appearing again after some time…with the same desire…tea and biscuits…after all, why does that spirit do this…what is the story behind it…This is such a question which has been wandering in this whole area for the last one century in search of its answer like that spirit…

Who was the Owen Tomkinson | the Story behind Owen Tomkinson’s Ghost

Who was Owen Tomkinson, who, even after a hundred years of his death, is not at peace in his grave…why does he make strange requests to passers-by like tea cakes and biscuits…no one knows…history only It is said that he was a British soldier and was stationed here, The matter is of 1906 when suddenly cholera spread here and 47-year-old Owen Tomkinson was caught on 19 September 1906.

And this is where he was found to be the grave… Time passed by the British Raj… But this soldier of that kingdom still roams here… with his unique desire…The people of Iqbal Nagar tell that till a few years ago, Owen Tomkinson’s spirit would often stand blocking the way in the silence of the night….and would leave even when she was offered tea and biscuits…Things have become such that people have stopped going here…

Owen tomkinson’s wandering every night and harassing people with his unique demands grew so much in the middle that the limit was reached….but one day he fell with a stronger force than himself…People tell that this is the way But once riding on his gig, a fakir was passing by… whose name was Chand Saheb.

Owen Tomkinson, helpless with his habit, blocked their way and repeated his same old wish…Tea and biscuits. ..

Owen tomkinson,India's cake-loving British 'ghost',The ghost who talks cake & tea,British Ghost in India: Your tea and cake or your life!

But call it the bullying of some wicked people or the fate of Owen…Something happened that drove Owen’s sleeping ghost bound by rectangles out of the bottle….and Owen was free once again…with his same passion for tea and biscuits.

The Psychologist Beliefs on Owen Tomkinson’s Ghost

Psychologists believe that if the truth of any story is kept on air without testing it… that story slowly starts to look real… and the mind of the simple people of the village forced them to consider the rope as a snake Does.

The graveyard to which this dreadful spirit belongs is actually out of use now. Never in his life has this dreadful coincidence ever happened.

But along with such people, other people have not only seen Owen’s spirit but also shook hands with him… why are they being a part of this rumour when they are not going to get any benefit from it.

There is also a group in Iqbal Nagar which has not met Owen’s soul, but they have no doubts about its existence.

However, along with the psychologists, the Christian community here also calls all these things empty stories some people even say in the suppressed tongue that some land mafia has an eye on these three and a half acres of graveyard land and behind all these stories they have a hand somewhere.

But despite knowing all this, many people have been wearing Owen’s spirit and his desire for a long time and before Owen makes any request to him…he appears at this grave…taking along…tea biscuit or cake…

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