Salim Langda Mumbai : The informer of Mumbai police

There was a common saying about Salim Langda among the informers of Mumbai that no one knows the sea around Mumbai better than Salim Langda. It is also popular that no one had a better network than Salim Langda’s network. Be it the underworld or drug dealers’ racket, even human smugglers to sellers of adulterated oil were not far from his sight.

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Salim Langda Mumbai

The police had caught such a huge consignment of drugs even during that period, which had not been caught by any agency of India before that. At that time the value of that consignments in the international market was in crores. People associated with the police department tell that Salim Langda had exposed a large network of human traffickers along with consignments in those days. Apart from this, due to the tip-off of Salim Langde, the Mumbai Police came to know about the whole business of adulterated oil going on in Maharashtra. On which a massive arrest was made after a quick raid.

The informer was the profession of Salim Langda. Usually people avoid calling it a profession, but Salim Langda was famous all over Mumbai that he is serious about his work and does dishonest work with complete honesty. An anecdote of Salim Langda is very famous. It is said that Salim Langda had received a reward of Rs 18 lakh from the Customs Department for informing about a drug deal in Mumbai.

Since Salim Langda lived a very simple life and was a humble person. In such a situation, when he reached the branch of a bank in Colaba with a prize money of Rs 18 lakh, the bank manager there got suspicious. Because from the face of Salim Langda, his status did not seem to the bank manager that he could even have an amount of 18 lakhs.

So the bank manager made him sit in his bank and informed in Colaba police station that a man along with his wife had come to deposit a huge amount of Rs 18 lakh in the bank. In such a situation, there is a possibility that this person had earned this money from some crime, which he wanted to deposit in the bank at any cost. After listening to the bank manager, the police of Colaba reached the bank and along with Salim Langda and his wife Mumtaz was also brought to the police station for introgation.

The police kept asking Salim Langda for confess his crime about the money. Or else he should leave the amount of 18 lakhs in the police station, which the policemen wanted to divide among themselves. But Salim Langda was not ready to leave his hard earned money. Meanwhile, in the evening, an officer of the Customs Department reached Colaba police station for some important work and there he saw Salim Langda. When Salim Langda told him his point, the Colaba police released Salim Langda on the advice of that customs department officer.

By the way, it is said that in the year 2007 there was a new turning point in the life of Salim Langda. Actually this was the period when the oil mafia was active in Mumbai and its surrounding areas, who used to do the business of adulterated oil. It is also said that after the tip given by Salim Langda, some people associated with this oil business were caught by the police. Perhaps this quality of Salim Langda made him an enemy of the underworld. Police sources even claim that after the tip of Salim Langda, when Mumbai Police took quick action on the syndicate of underworld, miscreants and gangsters, the entire underworld had gathered to kill Salim Langda.

What happened with Salim Langde in his last days that suddenly the whole scene changed. The more thrilling story behind it, the more suspenseful questions are there. In fact, it happened that a person belonging to Dawood’s gang met Salim Langda, who asked him to take care of two foreigners who were involved in drug and oil business.

Salim Langda started living with them, but then Salim Langda started suspecting the antics of those two foreigners. When he tried to understand the matter, it came to know that both of them were planning to bomb the American Consulate in Mumbai. Then Salim langda trembled at the thought that his name could be involved in any terrorist incident. After this he immediately went to meet an IB officer and told him the whole thing. That IB officer suggested a solution to Salim langda and instructed him to stay with those foreigners. A few days later, the IB officer arrested both those foreigners and got them deported to their County. But this proved to be the last tip of Salim Langda’s life.

In September 2007, Salim Langda was going somewhere on a scooter with his wife Mumtaz and then a truck hit them. Due to which Salim Langda and his wife Mumtaz died. Although the police had arrested that truck driver at that time, but nothing could be done except formality. However, the police never denied that Salim Langda’s accident could not be a coincidence.

There was a apprehension that the underworld might have given money to kill Salim Langda and killed him under the guise of an accident. But without any evidence and witnesses, the police could not do anything about this case.

But some questions arose that after all what happened that Salim had told the IB officer about those foreigners and their conspiracy, why they were deported instead of arrested. And the biggest question is whether Salim Langda’s death was an accident or murder. The discussion of the murder of Salim Langda also arose because at the time when this accident happened and the truck hit Salim Langda’s scooter, an eyewitness was present on the spot.

However, on the same day that eyewitness had to go abroad, so he did not want to come in police custody and that is why he did not appear in front of police that day. But later when he read the news about Salim Langda and he interact with police through a mail. The eyewitness told the police through mail that it was a murder, as the driver had hit Salim Langda’s scooter, then reversed the truck and crushed Salim Langda again. If it was just an accident so it wouldn’t be happened that. But even after the passage of about 15 years, till date the Mumbai Police has not been able to solve the mystery of the death of its most capable informer Salim Langda.

The most surprising thing in this is that all the informers of Mumbai requested the police that if they work for the police, then the police should save their lives, because the name of any informer is clearly revealed that his death. And perhaps the same thing happened with Salim Langda.

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