Samuel Little : America’s most dangerous serial killer who killed 93 women

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), America’s largest investigative agency, declared that serial killer is America’s most dangerous serial killer. According to FBI records, this serial killer had committed 93 murders, not one or two…not even 10-20 but for about 35 years from 1970 to 2005. And his victims were mostly women.

Samuel Little. This was the name of that dangerous murderer, who died at the age of 80 by rubbing his heels in a hospital in California on 30 December 2020. But before he died, even the FBI was shocked to hear the revelations made by Samuel Little about his crimes to the FBI. In America, the name Samuel Little is considered no less than horror. Especially he is called the eunuch for the poor, helpless and destitute women.

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Samuel Little The Most Prolific Serial Killer

The secrets of the murder started to unfold with the DNA test

Samuel Little was arrested in Kentucky in 2012 on a drug count. After being caught by the police, when Samuel’s DNA test was done, there was a clue of his involvement in many dreaded murders.

The criminal life of Samuel Little, once a professional boxer in his time, was uncovered when the police got his DNA tested. In America, from armed robbery to heinous crimes like rape and murder, many mysteries went on solving one after the other.

He used to make sketches of his victim before the murder

Prolific Serial Killer: According to FBI officials, Samuel Little initially refused to admit his crimes. But when FBI officers interrogated him continuously for more than 700 hours, Samuel Little confessed to his crime. And after that, the process of giving information about the murders started, and then it ended on the whole 93 murders.

The most shocking thing was that Samuel told the FBI officers about some of the murders committed by his own hands, about which even the police themselves did not know anything. After this, confessing his crime, Samuel provided the names and addresses of his victims as well as their sketches to the policemen. All these sketches were made by Samuel Little himself.

Samuel little hunts weak and drugged women

According to police officers, Samuel was not only fond of sketching but was also a good sketch artist. Therefore, before killing his victim, he also used to make sketches of them. Apart from this, he also told the FBI officers where he hid the goods he robbed during his criminal life and in which cities and in which part of the city he had committed the murder. He also told the police everything about the disposal of the dead body after the murder.

According to US police officers, Samuel Little often preyed on the city’s nightclubs, girls roaming the streets and drunk girls coming out of pubs. His targets were mostly women and girls. Especially the used to make sex workers or drug addicts his victims.

He used to lure them to their destination by luring them into their need. First, he used to make her drunk, then used to sketch her and then used to rape her. After that, he used to beat them to death with his strong punches. So that the victim does not remain alive in any case, he also used to suffocate his throat.

used to kill by punching and then used to strangle

When old police records were matched with Samuel’s confession, it was found that there were neither any knife marks nor any deep wounds on all the corpses. This was the reason that in many cases the police could not solve the murder mystery. Because most of the women could not bear the blows of Samuel and lost their senses. Samuel would then strangle them to death and throw the corpse into a garbage dump, an empty garage, or a deserted street. Due to this, it was not easy for the police to solve the mystery.

According to FBI officials, it was admitted by Samuel Little himself that he had made such women his victims, about whom very few people searched. She belonged to that section of the society that mostly avoided going to the police. Or they didn’t have any reason to go to the police.

About the murders that Samuel Little confessed, FBI officials shared all the details on social media, including the year of Samuel’s murder and sketches about the woman who was killed, and then the police had many shocking facts. Came which matched the information given by Samuel.

After committing several crimes, Samuel also began to feel that he could never be caught by the police His were often prostitutes, whom no one came forward to look for. In such a situation, he started to feel that no one has any identity of his victim. And no one is looking for him with their identity.

Samuel Little confessed to 93 murders but police found evidence of 60 women murders according to his description. Whereas there were 33 murders about which the police did not know anything except the confession of Samuel Little.

According to a Texas police officer, Samuel Little committed many crimes in many cities in America, but he committed most of the murders in the areas of Florida and California. Samuel had told the police officers during interrogation that he had also committed some of the murders in the back seat of his car. Especially those women who either used to stop him from doing arbitrariness after being mostly drunk and used to have tantrums in going with him.

A very hot-tempered Samuel Little met anyone with great love and affection and was always smiling. Samuel himself had confessed that after the murder, he used to laugh a lot after seeing his victim dead and then used to hide him. According to the records recorded in the FBI, Samuel had killed many women and buried their bodies by digging a pit in the forest. And these were mostly murders that the police had no idea about before Samuel Little told them. Which was confirmed by the police after searching the place mentioned by Samuel himself.

Samuel was little as a child

  • Whatever is recorded in FBI records about Samuel’s early life is no less shocking. Samuel Little was born in 1940 in Reynolds, Georgia. According to Samuel’s information, his mother was a prostitute herself. And after Samuel was born, his mother changed cities and she moved from Reynolds to the city of Lorian, Ohio. But after handing Samuel over to his grandmother, his mother left him. Samuel, who studied at Hawthrone Junior High School, was very weak in reading and writing. Due to feeling bad associations in his childhood, he never felt like studying, but he used to spend time only with women older than him.
  • At the age of 16, Samuel Little was sent to a correctional home for assaulting his teacher. After leaving the correctional home, Samuel moved to his mother in Florida. In Florida, he started working as an ambulance attendant. During this job, he committed different types of crimes in many cities in America. He started stealing, started stealing things from shops. Fraudulently started grabbing people’s money, and he was caught by the police several times while driving drunk. But he first committed the heinous crime when he was involved in an armed robbery. And from here he made the world of crime his own. Rape and robbery became his daily chores.

By 1975, Samuel Little was caught by the police in 11 states of America, about 26 times. During this, cases like attempts to rape, cheating, assault on government employees, theft, and assaulting someone in anger were registered against him.

In 1982, Samuel Little was jailed for the first time for murder in Pascagoula, Mississippi. He was charged with the murder of 22-year-old Melinda Rose Lapri. But due to lack of evidence, the grand jury refused to accept the charge against him. However, the jury ordered them to continue the investigation of the case. After this Samuel Little was deported and sent to Florida.

In Florida, Samuel was charged with the attempted murder of 26-year-old Patricia Ann Mount. An eyewitness testified against him in court that Mount had last seen him with Samuel on the night he went missing. But in January 1984, the court released Samuel Little after the credibility of the witness was found to be doubtful.

After leaving prison, Samuel went straight to California. In October 1984, Samuel was again caught by the police. He was charged with kidnapping, assaulting and strangling 22-year-old Laurie Barros. Although Laurie Barros was alive. Only a month later, police found a woman in an unconscious state in the back seat of Samuel’s car, who had been beaten up and tried to strangle her. And incidentally, this was the same place where the incident with Barros took place. For these two crimes, Samuel had to spend two and a half years in jail.

But on September 5, 2012, Samuel Little was caught by the police at a homeless shelter in Louisville, Kentucky. After being caught here, the police took him to California. Where his DNA test was done, and then the raw list of his crimes of the past several years came in front of the police.

Initially, Samuel was charged with three murders. The police had to struggle a long time to get them confessed. But once Samuel’s mouth was opened to confess the crime, it went on opening again and the story of 93 murders came in front of the police one after the other.

how did Samuel little die

  • Samuel Little was a heart patient with diabetes. Apart from this, he was also surrounded by many diseases, due to which he used to use a wheelchair at the last moment. He was in jail in 2014. But when his condition worsened due to illness, he was sent to a hospital in California for treatment. Samuel Littin died on 30 December 2020 in the same hospital.
  • He was sentenced to three life imprisonment in different cases of murder. But his life ended before the sentence was completed.

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