Serial Killer : thug behram guinness world record

In India in the 18th century, there was one such serial killer, from whom the British rule was also afraid. He killed so many people, due to which his name was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The ruthless murderer of India who had made the British rule sleep. The killer of India killed more than 900 without a gun or knife. The vicious of India, whose exploits were even written to mention the books.

Such a ruthless killer whose rule continued to intimidate even the British who coined his name for 500 years. Now many legends have come to the fore about this serial killer, but it is said that in the 19th century, his name was enough to create fear in the hearts of people. The name of that vicious killer is “Behram”.

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thug behram guinness world record

Behram is also known as Thug Behram and has the status of King of Thugs. In comparison to all the serial killers written in the list of criminals around the world, the panic which was in the name of Behram, was neither seen before nor after that this fear happened in anyone’s name.

The Rising of Serial Killer Behram

Born in 1765 in Jabalpur, present-day Madhya Pradesh, Central India, Behram used to be very simple in his childhood. But he befriended Syed Amir Ali, 25 years older than him, who used to be the most dangerous and dreaded thug of his time.

The same Amir Ali had introduced Behram to the dangerous world of thugs. Once in the world of thugs, Behram never looked back and soon Behram became the leader of the merciless thugs. When Behram stepped into the world of thugs, he was 25 years old at that time, but for the next ten years, he killed so many people, due to which the fear of his name was spread far and wide.

In those days, of course, the means of travelling and transmitting news from here and there were very few, yet it did not take long for the exploits of Behram to reach far and wide.

The fear of his name had spread so much that merchants, tourists, pilgrims and even police and army personnel going from Delhi to Jhansi, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Bhopal as well as Kolkata would have shunned those roads. Those were the roads on which the shadow of the name of Thug Behram was heard.

At that time, it is revealed in the report of the British officers that then people usually used to travel in convoys and caravans, but thug Behram and his companions used to make the entire convoy disappear. Even the police could not find anyone’s body.

It is said that Behram had formed a group of about two hundred thugs, which were spread all over Central India. And it goes so far as to say that whoever was once caught in the clutches of this group of thugs, then it becomes not only difficult but impossible to save the property and life.

The East India Company was also spreading its feet in India during that period when the crime of Thug Behram was ruling. An English officer of the East India Company has written in his report that Behram killed 931 people in his entire life. His unique way of killing is also very shocking. He used to have a yellow handkerchief and a coin. Putting the same coin in the handkerchief, he strangled his victim.

East India company’s action against Behram

Here the terror of thug Behram and his gang was increasing. On the other hand, along with the British rule in England, there was increasing panic among the officers of the East India Company. According to the report of an English officer, before the year 1822, all the British officers were sent to find out the thug Behram was murdered by Behram. Then the British government sent its fastest and smartest officer, Captain William Henry Sleeman, to India.

thug behram guinness world record,Thug Behram Serial Killer,Thug Behram Guinness World record,cap William Henry Sleeman,thug behram death.
Capt. William Henry Sleeman (

In the year 1822, Captain Williams Henry Sleeman was made the magistrate of Narsinghpur district of central India. Sleeman wandered from city to city and jungle to jungle to find out about the gang of thugs but he was not getting any success.

Then the East India Company appointed Lord Williams Bentinck as the Governor-General of India. Lord Bentinck’s intention was clear to hoist the flag of the British in India all around, but in front of him, the biggest obstacle named Thug Behram had stood, which even the British officers were afraid of. Then Lord Bentinck gave Sleeman full freedom and along with a detachment of the army so that he could also be protected.

Capt. Sleeman spread his net of informers, sifting through water, and soon he found the whereabouts of Behram’s master thug, Syed Amir Ali. The British army immediately reached Amir Ali’s house to raid but Amir Ali slipped from his hand and fled. So the British officers arrested the people of Amir Ali’s family. 

Thug Behram death

After months of struggle, finally, in 1832, Amir Ali surrendered himself to the British army to save his family. But Captain Slimane wanted to know the address of Thug Behram instead of Amir Ali, so Captain Slimane got Amir Ali’s mouth open with his tricks and got to know the address of Thug Behram.

Captain Sleeman did not get success for five years after knowing the address of thug Behram from Amir Ali, but one day in the year 1838, the fate of Behram brought him in front of Captain Sleeman and Amir Ali’s informer trapped him in the clutches of the British rule. Only given According to the matter written in the diary of the British officer, Behram was more than 75 years old at the time when the British army caught him.

The trial against thug Behram continued in the British court for the next two years. And in 1840 Behram was openly hanged in a tree at Slimnabad in Katni near Jabalpur. And 40 more thugs were hanged with him. While some thugs knelt in front of the British officer, due to which they were sent to the correctional home.

The tree is present in Slimabad near Katni in which Behram and his fellow thugs were hanged.

thug behram guinness world record,Thug Behram Serial Killer,Thug Behram Guinness World record,cap William Henry Sleeman,thug behram death.
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Captain Sleeman’s Report on Behram

Captain Sleeman’s report reveals that Behram’s gang consisted of 200 thugs who were murderers. And these people used to execute murder is only one way. They used to strangle the victim’s throat by putting the coin in the handkerchief and after that, these people used to throw the corpse into the wells. The count of murders from the British diary reaches 931, but it is also true that this may not be the last count. The British officers have also written this thing in their diary that this gang must have killed more people than this.

Captain Sleeman’s investigation report reveals that Behram’s thugs and his gang used to speak in a certain language, which no one understood. Even the spies of the British tried a lot to understand that language but even those people could not decode it.

In the language of the thugs, that language was called Ramosi. It was a kind of sign language in which they used to inform each other about their victims, their position, their strength, the goods they had and the environment around them.

This gang of thugs often robbed the convoy in the form of a traveller, while the rest of his gang kept on walking at some distance. But when the people of the convoy fell asleep at night, these thugs would signal the attack with the cries of jackals. And in case of simultaneous attack, it became impossible to defend near the convoy. And these people used to strangle people with the help of their yellow handkerchiefs and coins.

During the trial in the British court, Thug Behram himself told himself that he killed more than 150 people with his own hands. Whereas he taught how to kill all the people of his gang, which did not require weapons. Between 1790 and 1838, Thug Behram killed a total of 931 people before being caught.

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