Taured Mystery : a Mesterious Man at Tokyo airport

A Taured Man Mystery

This story is from July 1954. A flight from Europe lands at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport at 12:30 pm. One by one, all the passengers get off the plane and get into the immigration line.

The immigration officer was checking the passports of all the passengers one by one, when the immigration officer saw the passport of a passenger, he was surprised. Everything was fine in that passenger’s passport, but the country from which that passenger had come, that country doesn’t exist in this world.

“Taured” was written on that passenger’s passport. The immigration officer looks at the world map to confirm, but there was no country named Taured in it.

Then the officer asks him from which country he has come, then he tells that I have come from Taured. The officer then says that there is no such country in this world, then he says that I do not know, but I have come from there.


After this, when the immigration officer checks his passport, he comes to know that he has come to Tokyo through many different European countries and the stamps of all those countries are also on the passport.

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Taured mystery

The immigration officer then asks the passenger to explain the purpose of his visit to Tokyo, he states that he has come here for a business deal and also the name of the company he was going to deal with. He also mentions the name of the hotel which he had already booked for the stay.

After this, the immigration officer talks to his senior, and that passenger is sent to the senior officers for further investigation in the custody room. Senior officers check his visa and passport, which turn out to be correct, after which the passenger is asked to identify his country of Taured on the world map.

Within seconds, that passenger places his finger on a point on the world map. When senior officials saw the point, “Andorra” was written on it. Then the Senior officials is asked him that this is Andorra?, then the passenger says that I do not know when it changed from “Taured” to “Andorra”, I have come from there.

Senior officers have doubts about this passenger. The passenger told that he has a deal with a company and he has also booked a hotel. Now it was going to take a long time to confirm this information, so this passenger was accommodated in a hotel and police arrangements were made to monitor him.

When the officials of the company mentioned by that passenger were asked, they told that we have nothing to do deal with any such person. Similarly, hotel officials also said that no such person is booked in our hotel.

It took a long time to verify all this information and it was night, so the immigration officials of the airport thought that no further questioning of this passenger will be done tomorrow.

In the morning when a police officer knocked on that passenger’s room, the door was already opened, after that the police officer search him in the room but that passenger is nowhere to be found. the luggage of that passenger was also missing. How can that passenger escape from that room? Who had no way out of that room and the police were also monitoring that passenger outside. 

After this, the police officer tells the airport officials that the passenger is missing from the room and his luggage has not been found. After this, when the airport officials wanted to check that passenger’s visa and passport, it also missing, while it was in the airport’s custody.

After this, that passenger is searched for many days, but till date, it is not known who he was, why he had come and from where did he get the visa of that country which does not exist in this world.

When scientists were asked about this, some said that he must have come by time travel, many said that he must have come from the parallel universe and some said that he was an alien. But it is still a mystery who he was.

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