The Cyanide Mallika Kempamma Serial killer – the first female serial killer in the history of India

The Cyanide Mallika Serial killer: That modest woman used to murder by taking her to the temple. How many murders he committed, he does not remember. The police are still searching for the dead bodies whom he made his prey. She was such a serial killer, who sat silent for seven years after the first murder. And such a deaf person who had mastered changing his appearance.

This is a true crime story that looks like a film, of a modest-looking woman from “Karnataka”, whose greed and dreams did not allow her to remain modest, but made her the first female serial killer in the history of India, for which the court was hanged. Did not agree to the decision of less than the noose.

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These are the stories of India’s first serial killer KD Kampamma, who has got the recognition of cyanide Mallika in court documents. The question arises that what evidence did the court get in the light of which the court had to say that no one has ever seen a more dangerous cold-blooded murderer in the history of India.

About KD Kampamma (Cyanide Mallika)

KD kamppamma,The Cyanide Mallika Serial Killer,KD kamppamma Cyanide killer,Kd Kempamma psychology,Cyanide Mallika movie,

KD Kampamma was born in 1970 in a very modest family living in Kaglipura village, Karnataka. Even the smallest necessities used to become the cause of great struggle for this family.

Kd Kempamma psychology

KD Kampamma was growing up in such conditions, but at a very young age, Kampamma had given shelter to big dreams in her eyes. She often shared stories of her dreams with her friends. Even she did not hesitate to say that if she has to go through the wrong paths to reach her destination, she is ready to do it.

A fond of films, KD Kampamma also started dreaming of a life like a film heroine for herself. But in his village, he could not see any way to reach these dreams, because the people living near his family were also very modest, poor people.

KD Kampamma’s family got her married at an early age to a tailor. Soon she also became the mother of a child. After that, she had two more children. Her days passed while raising three children but she was never happy with her life. He had decided something else in life.

And wanted to live the life of the rich as soon as possible. To meet the needs of herself and the family, she started working as a domestic helper in a noble house in an urban area, away from her settlement.

After reaching that house, his dreams got more air. Because in whose house she was working as a maid, there she saw a river of money flowing. The living conditions of the people of that house and their luxuries made him restless. So she started dreaming of becoming rich overnight and in this affair, she started cleaning her hands-on valuables in those houses where people had hired her out of pity for her poor and plight.

While working in rich homes, he came up with an idea to earn money quickly. Then he started the work of chit funds in his settlement and started selling big dreams by depositing small amounts by luring people.

Very soon he also collected a substantial amount, but then his chit fund company went bankrupt and he suffered huge losses. All his deposit capital was exhausted. The matter is in 1998 when Kampamma had a fierce fight with her husband and the husband threw her out of the house.

No work at hand. The chit fund company was closed and the husband had also been thrown out of the house, so Kampamma now took the way of extorting money from people by luring people.

Because while working for a chit fund company, he had acquired the skill of showing dreams to people. So he intended to make this skill his weapon. She went out in search of prey by becoming a rich woman.

Cyanide Mallika’s First Murder  

KD Kampamma committed the biggest crime of her life when she made a 30-year-old rich woman her victim. To explain the scheme of the chit fund, Kampamma called the rich woman to the temple and then after her murder went missing with the cash.

KD Kamppamma had escaped after completing this incident of murder in the outskirts of Bangalore. And the woman whose body was found had the police baffled because she was murdered by giving cyanide.

After this murder, Kampamma lived a life of oblivion in a very mysterious way for the next seven years by changing her name and identity. No one knows where and how.

After a Long Time

After remaining silent for seven years, Kampamma became active again and this time she was murdered in 2006 when the police found the body of a rich and childless woman named Nagveni in the room of a guest house.

Police investigation revealed that the slain woman had come here to meet an elite lady, Jayamma, who had promised to offer a special prayer for the child in the temple. The special thing was that this woman was also murdered with cyanide itself. If the police’s investigation is to be believed, then Jayamma was none other than Kampamma. And Nagini is his new victim.

But after this murder, Kampamma carried out a series of murders one after the other in the next seven months. According to the records produced in the court, the police recovered six bodies of the women who were murdered with cyanide during this period. And gathered the evidence related to them.

Police Investigation on Cyanide Mallika

Meanwhile, the police discovered one such thing in all the murders killed by cyanide, and that all these murders were done with the intention of robbery. Meanwhile, in 2012, Kampamma was arrested by the police from a jeweller’s shop when she had reached there to sell looted jewellery.

In fact, before being caught, Kampamma had carried out an incident of murder near Bangalore. And only after that, she had reached a jeweller of her identity in Bangalore where the police had already reached.

After his arrest, initially Kampamma alias Cyanide Mallika misled the police fiercely, but after the strictness of the police, when he opened his mouth, the eyes of the police were torn apart.

(KD kamppamma) Cyanide Mallika’s confession

After investigating the clues found from cyanide Mallika, the police gathered evidence related to six murders, but the police could not yet find out how many people cyanide Mallika has put to sleep.

The Karnataka court, after going through the evidence related to Kampamma alias Cyanide Mallika, decided to give death sentence for her as a serial killer. In the court, Cyanide rejected Mallika’s argument that it should be given a chance to rectify.

The court has written in its decision that leaving such criminals open in society would be a fatal betrayal to society. And the biggest thing is that the way Mallika Cyanide murdered women, only a cold-blooded murderer can do such a murder, and India has never seen such a murderer before.

While confessing her crime in front of the court, Kampamma herself said that she has no remorse for her actions, as she always dreamed of living a good life, to fulfil which she did not hesitate to commit a heinous crime like murder.

Cyanide Mallika movie

When the whole truth of India’s most dangerous serial killer Kampamma aka Cyanide Mallika came out of the court and made headlines in the newspapers, everyone who read it was shocked. But the filmmakers, who were wandering in search of good and spicy stories, seemed like a lottery.

KD kamppamma,The Cyanide Mallika Serial Killer,KD kamppamma Cyanide killer,Kd Kempamma psychology,Cyanide Mallika movie,

Kampamma aka Cyanide Mallika, who dreamed of living a life like a film actress in her life, could never become a film heroine, but films were made in many languages ​​​​of South India (South Movies on Cyanide Mallika) on her crimes. On this, a film was made in Kannada under the name Cyanide Mallika (2021). This film was very much discussed.

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