The Spy Eli Cohen – Israeli spy who penetrated the government of Syria

 Israeli Spy Eli Cohen: To what extent a spy can win the trust of the enemy country. It is enough to understand that the enemy country itself should offer to make him the Defence minister. Then when caught, that person was publicly hanged at the crossroads.

The country which had sent it for espionage kept demanding the dead body. But his body was not even returned. But the other country also did not give up. Then after 53 years after the death of that spy, he could not bring his dead body, but he brought a very special watch of the detective as a sign.

It is said that the day he was caught red-handed by the enemy country, he still had that watch in his hand. He was none other than Israel’s most dangerous and quick-witted spy “Eli Cohen”. He was such a famous detective of the world on whom many films were made.

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Israeli Spy Eli Cohen Story

spy Eli Cohen Story: Name Eli Cohen. Spy of Mossad, the world’s most dangerous intelligence agency. This man spied in Syria, an enemy country for Israel. But he was born on 26 December 1924 in Alexandria, Egypt in a Syrian-Jewish family. By the way, Eli Cohen’s father was Syrian in origin. But in the year 1914, the Egyptians came from Syria.

After this, when Israel was formed, many Jewish families had moved out of Egypt. Then in 1949, Eli Cohens’s family settled in Israel. Eli Cohen’s early education took place in Egypt. After studying electronics, Eli Cohen grew interested in the Israeli intelligence department.

Since Eli Cohen had a strong grasp of “Arabic, English and French” languages. Therefore, in the year 1955, did a course of espionage. After this, in the year 1960, he was admitted to the Israeli Intelligence Department. Initially, he worked as a translator and accountant. Then seeing the quality of easily winning someone’s trust with many languages, it was decided to spy on them in another country.

How Eli Cohen Became Syria’s Defense Minister

It is said that before giving him the responsibility of spying, Mossad gave him strict training. After this, in the year 1961, Eli Cohen was sent to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Here he started a business as a businessman of Syrian origin.

After this, he gradually came in contact with the Syrian people living there and then reached the Syrian embassy. Now since their nature was to mingle quickly, they soon made friends with the officials of the Syrian Embassy. Then he was also successful in winning trust.

At that time, the overbearing officer of the Syrian military had also come in contact with Amin al-Hafiz. And won their trust in the same way as the earlier officers had won. In this way, he reached Damascus, the capital of Syria.

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That year was 1962 when Eli Cohen came to Damascus and started reaching his power there. Now Syria’s intelligence started sending information to Israel through its transmitter.

Eli Cohen’s grip had become such that he used to immediately trust his words in the war with Israel. Whose Cohen used to send the necessary information to his intelligence agency. There is a great anecdote related to Eli. That is, once Israel needed information about the location of Syrian soldiers.

But couldn’t find it. It was very hot where the Syrian soldiers were. In such a situation, Eli Cohen talked about planting eucalyptus trees there. Syrian soldiers agreed and tall eucalyptus trees were planted there. Now through these trees, Israel had got information about Syrian soldiers.

Meanwhile, in the year 1963, there was a change of power in Syria. Here now the Ba’ath Party got power and in this new politics, many people were friends of Eli Cohen since the time of Argentina. What was just then, Cohen’s political reach increased further. This power coup was carried out under the leadership of Amin al-Hafiz.

So, Amin became the President. Now Amin had great confidence in Cohen. And this belief was such that once he even offered to make Eli Cohen deputy defence minister. But then this post could not be found due to some reason. But the trust was the same. It is said that once there was a war between Israel and Syria, the Syrian army would have to face defeat because of the same eucalyptus trees.

How Eli Cohen was Caught By Syrian Army

It is said that too much confidence can be overwhelming at times. Something similar happened with Eli Cohen. The Syrian army had begun to rely on Cohen so much that they began to ignore even Israeli instructions.

The Israeli intelligence agency had said that while in Syria, they should do radio transmissions only once a day. But Cohen used to do radio transmissions several times a day.

It is said that even after the tremendous preparation of Syria, when the Israeli army was aware, then there was doubt. So the Syrian army began looking for clues, Ahmed Suidani, the defence adviser to the President of Syria.

He ordered a radio transmitter tracking device from the Soviet Union, Russia. Then with the help of the same device, Eli Cohen was caught red-handed. It is said that in the year 1965, Ahmed Suidani had arrested Eli Cohen alias “Kamel Amin Thabet“, an Israeli spy, from his house itself.

the last sign “Eli cohen watch”

Eli Cohen was interrogated for several days. Then there was a military trial for espionage and then he was sentenced to death. In 1966, Eli Cohen was publicly hanged at a crossroads in the capital Damascus. However, before the execution, Israel had tried hard to pardon the sentence.

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But there was no use. Even Syria did not give Eli’s body to Israel. Therefore, in the year 2018, after almost 53 years of death, Israel somehow managed to get one of Cohen’s watches. After getting this watch, the Israeli Prime Minister of that time gave that watch to Cohen’s wife Nadia at an event. The clock still stands as the only sign after Cohen’s death.

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