Unit 371 : Japanese lab called the world’s largest human slaughterhouse

Whenever there is a war, there are different types of experiments for the convenience of the soldiers and to win the war. Dangerous weapons are also used during these experiments, which have always been a practice to turn the stakes in one’s favour by using them on the battlefield.

The result of these experiences and experiments is that the world has different types of weapons. There has been a glut of weapons and missiles more than one. Many countries of the world even have nuclear weapons, that too is the result of some experiment. After some similar experiments, biological weapons also came. In which there is no need for conventional warfare.

Leave just one virus and the world will continue to struggle with an epidemic like Corona. A small whole battle can be won in one stroke. However, no one is allowed to use any such weapon. Rather, all that comes under the purview of restrictions. But experiments with such things go on and on.

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Unit 371 Japanese Lab(Shiro Ishii)

What a strange coincidence that in the Second World War, Japan whose back was broken by dropping the first and last two atom bombs, Japan was very powerful after the First World War and during the Second World War. This is the story of human history in which how human beings were killed in the name of research done on humans, as soon as the life was taken, the man gets shaken by the thought.

Just imagine how a person dies from a bullet. This strange question is the basis of this story and the first thread of that experience under whose guise became the world’s largest slaughterhouse.

what was Japanese unit 731

The beginning of becoming this slaughterhouse begins with a person talking to himself. He asks himself that how does a person die from a bullet? Where does he die by hitting where he dies by hitting from a distance? In which part of the body does one die? etcetera et cetera…But now even if this thing remains to the limit of thinking, it is fortunate, but when the process of implementing this thinking starts, then the existence of the world’s biggest murder comes to the fore.

What did Unit 731 do?

This story is of a lab, under the guise of which a slaughterhouse was prepared. The name of that lab was Unit 731. Which has the status of one of the most dangerous laboratories in the world. This dangerous lab built in Pingfang city of China was a lab prepared by the Imperial Army of Japan, which some people also called Torture House. Torture means a never-ending cycle of torture.

In fact, in this lab, some such dreadful experiments were done on living humans, which one cannot normally imagine. Rather, just thinking about it, the soul gets blown away. There was a Chief Medical Officer in the Imperial Army of Japan, whose name was General Shiro Ishii. Whose responsibility was to research the weapons and equipment needed for the army and their usefulness. Shiro Ishii had expertise in researching chemical and biomedical things.

Shiro Ishii was an expert in the preparation and use of chemical and biological weapons. He was given the responsibility of preparing some chemical and biological weapons on behalf of the Japanese government.

After two years of hard work, Shiro Ishii prepared a project report and sent it to the government for approval. Colonel Kojima, a special friend of General Shiro Ishii, supported him the most in this work. With whose help General Shiro Ishii’s project was approved, but the only condition was that the Japanese government was not ready to build the lab that General Shiro Ishii had talked about in any case.

Meanwhile, Japan attacked China in 1932 and Manchuria, a region of China, was occupied by Japan. The city of Pingfang was present in this Manchuria area. Many labs were already present in this Pingfang city, one of them was taken over by General Shiro Ishii at the behest of the Japanese government and prepared the lab he needed which was named Unit 731.

It is said that General Shiro Ishii was an executioner in the name of a human, who was very merciless. When this lab became operational, Shiro Ishii realized the need for living humans for the experience. Therefore, the Japanese government used to hand over the prisoners caught during the war with countries like China, America and Britain for the sake of the lab, General Shiro Ishii.

Those who were treated worse than animals in that lab. Dangerous viruses and chemicals started being used in the bodies of those living humans. Along with this, such tortures were given to the living humans in the lab, hearing about which the soul trembles.

General Shiro Ishii killed many living humans by tormenting them inside the lab in the wake of that experiment. And those who did not die were torn to death to see what organs work in that person to protect themselves from chemicals. It is said that in this experiment of General Shiro Ishii, more than five lakh living human beings were tortured and put to death.

What experiments did Shiro Ishii do?

  • In that Unit 371 lab, living humans were immersed in extremely cold water in the name of frostbite testing. And the water was cooled to such an extent that even a living person immersed in it would freeze. After this, that frozen water was boiled and seen at different temperatures to see how it would affect the frozen human body.
  • There was an experiment in the same unit 731 lab which was very painful. The men and women held hostage here were forced to have sex. But before making a relationship, a special kind of virus was also put in their body, to see how different body temperatures and different body movements affect the chemical effect during the relationship between men and women. 
  • Not only this, after putting the virus in the body of women, they were also made pregnant and it is seen that what is the effect of the chemical on the newborn. In this connection, many times women were even killed.

What kind of experiments did Unit 731 do?

  • unit 371 One can probably guess the cruelty that happens in the lab. Here every atrocity happened which was never even written in tales and stories. It is said that human beings in whose body chemicals or viruses were put, different parts of their bodies were also seen by cutting. And the effect of the spread or shrinkage of that virus was also seen by shooting those limbless human beings by shooting them, burning them in the fire and immersing them in cold water.
  • During this whole experience, General Shiro Ishii made about five lakh people the victims of his savage antics.

In 1945, when the US used a nuclear attack against Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor and Japan was completely broken by that attack, the Imperial Army of Japan had to leave the occupied parts of China. Meanwhile, the army of the Soviet Union also reached there from the Chinese side. When the Soviet Union’s army captured Unit 731, all the Japanese scientists working there were taken captive.

It is said that even after this dangerous revelation, America bargained here in a very vicious way and made a deal of humanity and took the scientists who were taken prisoner of war by the Soviet army. It is said that America gave freedom to all those scientists on the condition that they should be reported the experiments done in that lab.

Now all those places have become deserted, were before the second world war, more than five lakh people were tortured and put to death. Even today those places are there, but now they have remained a tourist spots for the new age people.

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