Viktor Bout CIA : How CIA caught The Incarcerated Russian arm Dealer

There is more than one criminal in the world, but there is also a criminal who has drawn the line of the war in the face of many countries. Honoured with names like Lord of War and Merchant of Death, his name is “Victor Bout”. Which is also the world’s biggest arms smuggler at the moment. When Al-Qaeda terrorists opened fire, Osama bin Laden came under target around the world. Whenever bullets were fired in Iraq, the world used to curse Saddam Hussein. Similarly, in many countries of Africa, the rebels have raised their heads.

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Viktor Bout CIA

Viktor Bout CIA: Whenever a terrorist fires a bullet in the world, everyone curses that terrorist or terrorist organization, if a war is announced by any rebel group, then the rebel group is targeted. But does anyone know that whatever is happening around the world in the name of war is happening at the behest of some people and for their benefit. It is said that whenever a rebel fires in any part of the world, and if the bullet does not bear the stamp of the government, it is believed that there is no one else behind that bullet but only one name and that name is Viktor Bout.

Dangerous criminal with many nicknames : Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout : Viktor Bout aka “Vadim Markovich Aminov” aka “Viktor Bulakin” aka “Viktor Anatolyevich” aka “Viktor Bud” aka “Viktor Boris” and many others. this man is the most dangerous person in the world, currently, he has been serving a sentence of 25 years in prison in Illinois, USA. The question arises as to who is Viktor Bout, where did he come from and what did he do so that America caught him after a long time. the biggest thing is why this Viktor Bout is called the most dangerous person in the world.

In the 1990s, a Soviet military translator who left the military after the Soviet Union split and became a businessman, his arms business spread so much that he is known as a new and strange name “Merchant of Death“. Although there is no shortage of stories about Viktor Bout, the elected governments of all countries around the world are always trembling because of this one name (Viktor Bout), the governments want this Viktor Bout to never be free. if it becomes then perhaps a new cycle of destruction will begin in the world.

The customers of this arms dealer cannot tolerate the elected governments of any country under any circumstances, because they are none other than a group of separatists and terrorists. Viktor Bout whose name still makes America sweat and face flushed with anger.

No one knows the truth about Viktor Bout except him.

Viktor Bout : The world does not even know the whole truth about where Viktor Bout was born, who has always been under the veil of mystery, But according to UN documents, Viktor Bout was born on 13 January 1967 in Tajik, the capital of today’s Tajikistan. While documents from the South African Intelligence Department show that he is originally from Ukraine. There are so many questions about the birth of Viktor bout, then how much truth the world knows about the rest of his life, it is a matter to think about in itself. According to the information that is recorded about Viktor Bout with the intelligence agencies of different countries of the world, Viktor Bout is a graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages ​​from the Military Institution of the Soviet Union.

After finishing college, Viktor Bout joined the Soviet Army as a translator. It is said that Victor Bout is also capable of reading and writing at least 14 languages. However, he can speak fluently in six languages ​​of the world. The languages ​​he can speak include Russian, English, French, Arabic, Portuguese and Persian. Apart from this, if you look at Bout’s website, then he also has a good knowledge of the Spanish language.

From the age of 12, he was very interested in new languages. The website of the Viktor bout itself also reveals that he served as a translator in the Soviet Army and had the rank of lieutenant.

Viktor Bout was part of the KGB

Viktor Bout : With the split of the Soviet Union in 1991, Viktor Bout also left the Soviet Army after reaching the rank of lieutenant colonel and starting his own air freight business. Although it is also said about Viktor Bout that he not only trained for the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency KGB but also took part in many operations. If believed on records from Viktor Bout’s website, with the split of the Soviet Union, Viktor bought new land in Africa and started a business shipping freight by plane. At that time Viktor Bout had only four Antonov An-8 series aircraft. But the point to note is that Victor started his business in the African country of Angola, where only Russian planes were allowed to land.

Sanctions Buster Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout : Bout’s company was the only company in the world that supplied flowers, and frozen chicken to the French government, the United Nations and American companies. Apart from this, Viktor Bout’s company was engaged in special service to the heads of state of African countries. That’s why in that era the Viktor bout was given the name “Sanctions Buster“. Viktor Bout’s Air Cess company was in the business of supplying goods to African countries where UN sanctions were imposed. At the same time, Viktor Bout realized that there was a sudden increase in the demand for weapons in West African countries. Specifically Angola, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Why did the CIA get suspicious about Viktor bout?

Viktor Bout : 1990s, Viktor Bout had served with the Soviet Army in Afghanistan. He knew how to deliver weapons to Rebellion groups, although Viktor Bout had never tried this before, but knew the way. The biggest reason for this was that Viktor Bout had also denied the deal with Al Qaeda and Taliban in Afghanistan. After 1994, Victor Bout supplied weapons to the Northern Alliance in Afghanistan before the Taliban and had a very personal relationship with the commander of the Northern Alliance, Ahmed Shah Masood.

America’s intelligence agency CIA had come to know that someone supplying weapons to the Northern Alliance was a businessman from the Soviet Union. Because the CIA came to know the supplied the ammunition found in Afghanistan is a none other than Viktor Bout’s Air Cess company. 

CIA  reports on Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout : For the first time in the year 2000, Victor Bout’s name appeared in a United Nations report. It was written in the report that from 1996 to 1998 weapons made by the Bulgarian company were being smuggled and no one else but Viktor Bout is responsible for this smuggling. The weapons supplied by Viktor Bout are being used by rebel groups in Angola, which has led to a civil war. Viktor Bout’s name quickly rose during the Liberian Civil War because it was said that all the weapons that reached Liberia had been brought by none other than Viktor Bout. The weapons that turned the Liberian civil war into a bloody civil war.

A CIA report states that Viktor Bout also supplied weapons during the war in Yugoslavia. Especially against the Milosevic government of Yugoslavia, the Bosnian rebels not only pushed Yugoslavia into war but also broke Yugoslavia into pieces. The CIA report states that Viktor Bout was the man who, along with Bosnia’s deputy prime minister or Herzegovina’s former defence minister “Hassan Kanyek“, perpetrated the entire uprising and the supply of arms that led to Bosnia and Herzegovina is a separate country.

According to the CIA report, Viktor Bout and Hassan Kaneyak met in Tehran in the 90s and from then they have been in contact with each other. In its report, the US intelligence agency cited the report of a Bosnian newspaper in which Hassan Kaneyak was written as a business partner of Viktor Bout. The report also noted that in May 2006, on the way from Bosnia to Iraq, about two lacs AK-47 rifles went missing, which were incidentally being sent through Viktor Bout’s Air Service Cess company.

Lord of War : Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout : In 2001, when US forces raided Afghanistan, Viktor Bout appeared in Moscow and vehemently denied US allegations that his company’s Airplanes made frequent flights to Afghanistan, but that they had nothing to do with al Qaeda and the Taliban. This was a time when it was completely clear that the insurgent group and the Northern Coalition in Afghanistan had been supplied with weapons by none other than Viktor Bout.

After this, Viktor Bout never looked back. According to intelligence reports, Viktor Bout supplied incalculable weapons to all the rebel groups and terrorist groups in Afghanistan. Even in Afghanistan, when the US military was battling the Taliban and terrorists. At that time, Al Qaeda had also made it clear that all the gold and all the cash in Afghanistan goes out of the country only through Viktor Bout.

After the year 2000, Viktor Bout became almost unbridled and he increased the supply of weapons to all the rebel groups in Africa. Not only this, together with Richard Chichakli, he opened a company in Tajikistan with the name of Samar Airlines, under the guise of which he started doing money laundering work for anti-government forces. During the Second War in the Congo, Viktor Bout supplied weapons fiercely, which led to a bloody war in the Congo for several weeks and in the end, the rebels broke Congo into two parts.

Such was Viktor Bout’s arms business during this period that he recruited at least 300 new employees and purchased 40 to 60 new aeroplanes. But that US intelligence report shocked the world when it was reported in 2002 that Viktor Bout had supplied Kenya with surface-to-air missiles that Kenya used to shoot down Israeli aircraft. Which took off from Nairobi airport in 2002. 

2006, During the Lebanon War Viktor Bout was seen in meeting with Hezbollah militants. Some reports also claim that Viktor Bout was in Moscow. After this Viktor Bout was also seen in Libya. Where insurgency against Libyan President Colonel Muhammar Gaddafi was raging rapidly and by 2011, Muhammar Gaddafi’s power was overthrown. British intelligence agencies had indicated in 2003 that Viktor Bout was visiting Libya these days and constantly meeting with the head of Libya’s intelligence agency Musa Khan. Obviously, Viktor Bout’s bout doesn’t go anywhere without any reason. And in the years that followed, a rebellion broke out in Libya.

Viktor Bout was not staying anywhere. He was constantly moving from country to country, opening new companies, increasing his business by buying new airplanes, so American CIA and other agencies of the world were finding it difficult to file cases against him. From 2000 to 2007, Viktor Bout is believed to have made his bases in Belgium, Lebanon, Rwanda, Russia, South Africa, Syria and the United Arab Emirates, and these are the countries where he spent the most time. Out of these, except South Africa and UAE, bloody acts of rebel groups continued to happen in all other countries and the world continued to see humanity bleeding.

Viktor bout caught in bangkok.

Viktor Bout : On 6 March 2008, Viktor Bout was arrested in Thailand by the Royal Thai Police. By this time Interpol had issued a red corner notice against Viktor Bout, Due to which the police of Thailand was alert. Thailand had received an intelligence report from the Arab Emirates, according to which Viktor Bout was about to meet with the bosses of some of the world’s famous terrorist organizations in Thailand.

Meanwhile, an agent of the American intelligence agency DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration) in the form of the leader of the Colombian rebel faction, conducted a sting operation and got the truth out of Viktor Bout’s mouth. In that sting operation, Viktor Bout agreed to supply arms to the Colombian Rebel Group (FARC). On the basis of which the US sought the legal custody of Viktor Bout from the Government of Thailand in February 2009, the Government of Thailand handed over Viktor Bout to the US under all the law. Since then, Victor Bout has been held in handcuffs by US law.

Legal action against Viktor Bout

Viktor Bout: In November 2011, a Manhattan jury found Viktor Bout guilty of murdering American citizens under US law and in April 2012, Victor Bout was sentenced to 25 years in prison. At least this is the amount of punishment that can be received for conspiring to supply arms to America. Viktor Bout was accused of supplying weapons only to kill American citizens. However, Viktor Bout raised his voice against his sentence with the argument that there is an open market for arms in America, so every shopkeeper selling weapons there should be punished. But his plea was not heard.

One thing is even more famous about Viktor Bout. These days, even among the richest people who are in prisons around the world, the name of Viktor Bout is written at the top of the line. According to an estimate, Viktor Bout has collected a wealth of about $ 6 billion from the smuggling of weapons.

Viktor Bout Movie

Viktor Bout : In the year 2020, Russia began to explore the possibility of Viktor Bout being brought from a US prison to Russia as part of a prisoner exchange. Because Russia had agreed that it could release Paul Whelan, a US Marine, in exchange for Viktor Bout. 

At present, this proposal of Russia has been rejected by America. Because now this matter has stepped on the threshold of politics. There is an American writer Nick Cohen who wrote a novel The Washing Machine, a chapter of the same novel is “Merchant of Death“.

The writing in this chapter covers all the dark adventures of Victor Bout and some aspects of his personal life. In 2005, Hollywood of America made a film about this aspect, “Lord of War“. Apart from this, a serial was also produced in the US in 2015, MANHUNT: KILL OR CAPTURE. Episode 10 of that serial is based on the life of Viktor Bout.

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