Villisca Axe Murders : the True Story of The Axe Murders Of Villisca

Eight people have been murdered in this 110-year-old story and all the eight murders remain a mystery to date. In the world of crime, it is said that among all the mysterious murders that have taken place in the history of crime, these eight murders are probably the first to be mentioned.

That is, despite the passage of 110 years, to date no one could know who is the murderer of the eight people who were murdered, where is that murderer? Sometimes the question also comes to the fore whether there is any killer of these eight murders or not.

And as soon as this question arises about the murderer, then it comes that is there any relation of any ghost, some shadow or any loving soul behind these murders? No one can answer any of these questions with complete certainty. At least in the last 110 years, no one has given it yet.

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Villisca Axe Murders

110 years ago, eight murders took place, and no one has ever found his killer, but the bungalow in which this sensational murder took place, that bungalow still exists. All the items kept in the bungalow are kept the same even today as they were probably kept 110 years ago.

During the last 110 years, how many times the police would have gone to investigate this house? Intelligence agents must have spent the night there and anyone who was even a little interested in this story of the murder must have seen the whole house in reverse with his own eyes.

But during these 110 years, this bungalow was the centre of attraction for some other people. All those people from all over the world who believe in the things and stories of ghosts and spirits, etc., often come to this bungalow. People who have a passion for talking to spirits or are deeply interested in spirits. This bungalow also attracts all those who keep getting involved in paranormal activities. And those people go to see him.

The most surprising thing in this matter is that even those who have been taking care of this bungalow for the last several years do not go to this bungalow. However, the tourist or paranormal tourist who wishes to spend the night in this bungalow is given the key to the bungalow and the key is taken from them while returning from there.

That is, apart from the tourist at night, there is no one else in that bungalow. The question may arise that if the crowd of tourists is in the bungalow, then there should be nothing to fear there. But there is a slight screw here. The caretaker who takes care of the bungalow has only one condition only eight tourists can stay in the bungalow at a time.

The caretaker of the bungalow believes that all the necessary things present in that bungalow were for only eight people. Therefore, tourists should also go there at a time of only eight. Because 110 years ago, when the incident of eight murders took place here, at that time there were two guests along with six members of a family in the bungalow. So this number eight is very important.

What a strange idea that the bungalow in which eight people have been murdered, and whose murderer has not been caught, leave catching, about which there is no proper knowledge, and staying in such a place is not an easy task in any case. . It takes a lot of courage for this.

And also the passion. Because only a crazy person can do such a thing. In such a situation, it can be said that many tourists spend the night in the bungalow whose story is in front and there will be more.

Some such crazy people may have spent the night in the bungalow in the hope that in the silence of the night they might meet some ghost or spirit and they might get some help in solving the puzzle of murder. But it hasn’t happened yet.

The Axe Murders of Villisca true story

Villisca is a city in the United States, Villisca Montgomery County. One place in this county is Iowa. The story begins in the year 1912. Be Villisca a quiet and small town had a population of only two and a half thousand people at that time. The city was new and developing rapidly.

New businessmen and industrialists were making their settlements in this city. Train tracks passed through the middle of the city, so the noise of the arrival of trains was the only noise in the city. Apart from this, there was silence in the whole city.

A business family also lived within the limits of this city. Also known as the Moore Family. Joe Sia Moore and Sarah Moore were husband and wife. At that time Joe was 45 years old. While Sara was also 39. Joe and Sarah had four children. The eldest child was 11 years old while the youngest child was 5 years old. But two more children lived with the same family, in which one was 8 years old while the other was 12 years old.

These business families were very happy and calm-loving as well as religious. That is why most of the care of the church in the area was done by Sarah Moore, Moore’s wife. And took an active part in the work of the church. Perhaps that is why all the people of the area respected this family so much. Everything was going well.

On June 10, 1912, the church organized a program to celebrate Children’s Day, as well as a special prayer meeting, was arranged. Sarah Moore was also associated with this church, so Joe Moore and Sarah go to church with their children. After all the programs and prayer meetings throughout the day, it becomes night.

At around 9.30 pm, the Moore husband and wife are about to go towards the house with their four children, when two children from their neighbourhood also join them. Since the two children were neighbours and the children were friendly, the parents of the children agree that all the children can spend that night together in the same bungalow with the Moore family.

Now the Moore couple, along with their four children and two children from the neighbourhood, enter their house at around 9.45 pm. After reaching home, all the children after eating and drinking a little, go to sleep in different rooms. In pairs of two. While Joe Moore and Sarah Moore sleep in their bedroom. The house lights go off.

It is eight o’clock in the morning on 11 June 1912. But the door to the Moore family home is still closed, neither the curtains are removed nor the morning prayer. This shocks the neighbours of the Moore family badly. Because the Moore family usually woke up early in the morning to pray, which their neighbours were well aware of.

So on the morning of June 11, the neighbours of the Moore family started feeling awkward. Because over the years he had never seen such silence in the Moore family before, no matter what the circumstances may have been. At least no one slept for that long.

When a worried neighbour knocked on the door of the Moore family home, no sound was heard. Looked through the windows and saw nothing. When the neighbours got worried, the news was sent to Sara’s brother living in the same locality. Sara’s brother reaches there and after a lot of effort, he enters the house by opening a door in the backyard of the house. There was a bedroom in front of him.

He goes straight to it. Sara’s brother screams as soon as he enters the bedroom because the room was drenched in blood. There was blood on the floor and the bedroom was red with blood. And on the same bed lay the bloodied corpses of Sarah and Joe Moore. Seeing the condition of the corpses, Sara’s brother was shocked. The head was almost crushed. Joe Moore’s eye was almost hanging out. Seeing this, it was guessed that the murderer had killed them with great ruthlessness.

Seeing the condition of the bedroom, Sara’s brother’s condition worsens, he returns on the opposite foot and informs the marshal i.e. the police of the area by telling the neighbours. Police reach the spot in ten minutes.

Sara’s brother and other neighbours enter the house along with the police. Sara’s brother had already seen the condition of the bedroom, but with the police, he goes to see the rest of the rooms of the house. Only dead bodies are found in every room. Dead bodies on every bed. Apart from the four children of Sarah and Joe, the bodies of both the neighbouring children were also lying on the bed there.

The police now start their investigation. The forensic and doctors team also comes to the spot. The initial investigation indicated that all the people were murdered in their sleep. That is, the murderer killed these people at the time when they were all sleeping in deep sleep.

But the police and forensic people were shocked when they saw the body of a 9-year-old girl differently from the rest. She was lying slanting on the bed and had an injury to her arm. Seeing her, the police guessed that the girl was probably awake at the time of the incident, so she tried to save herself. Perhaps that is why his corpse was found lying differently than the other corpse.

Meanwhile, investigators found a hammer lying in the room of Joe Shia Moore and Sarah Moore. Which was completely covered in blood. Seeing that hammer, the police had guessed that this was the murder. Due to this, the murderer killed everyone. The police investigation also revealed that the murderer had hit each one on the head at least 20 to 30 times.

But the worst one who was killed was the owner of the house that was killed, Sia Moore. Joe Moore was hit with a hammer as well as the axe’s edge. While investigating the incident, the police also realized that the murderer probably hated the owner of the house, Joe Moore.

Apart from Sia Moore, his wife Sarah Moore, 39, Herman Moore, 11, Katrin Moore, 10, Arthur Moore, seven, and Paul Moore, five, were found. and two neighbourhood kids, eight-year-old Ina Instringler and 12-year-old Lena Instringler.

According to the postmortem report of the doctors, all the murders took place between 12 pm and 5 am. During the search of the house, the police also found two cigarette butts. It was also learned from this that the murderer spent time calmly after killing everyone, smoked cigarettes and then went to the bathroom and also washed his hands. And after doing all this, he left from there very comfortably. While leaving, he also took the key to the house with him and locked the door from outside.

As soon as this news spreads about the murder of eight people inside a bungalow in a small and quiet city, there is a ruckus. And on seeing the whole population of the city stood as spectators in front of the bungalow where eight people were murdered. Many people started trying to enter the bungalow.

At that time a forensic doctor was also present in the bungalow, the name was Dr FS Williams. Seeing the crowd desperate to go inside the bungalow, Dr Williams told the crowd that if you guys do not go inside the bungalow, because if you go inside and see what is there, then believe that you will be repenting till the last moment of your life. So don’t listen to me, don’t go.

In fact, after seeing the condition of the dead bodies inside, after seeing the scene there, hardly anyone can forget it in their life. Despite this, many people entered that bungalow. Due to this, apart from the evidence and clues present inside the bungalow, many important things like fingerprints and DNA got damaged. This created problems for the police as the clues needed for the investigation were lost.

Villisca Axe murders suspects

The police nevertheless proceeded with their investigation and found out who could be those people who can even kill with a hammer. The police identified seven to eight suspects. One of them was a person who had killed his wife, his mother-in-law with a hammer a few years back. But it was found in the investigation that his presence was not there that day. One more was also caught but that too could not become the culprit of those murders. The police did a lot of investigation from the angle of killing with a hammer, but the police did not find any evidence nor any clue.

The police could not even prove anyone’s affiliation with the Moore family. The police were convinced that the murderer had come here only and only with the intention of killing. But a question was also bothering the police if the murderer had enmity with Moore, then why did he target the children? The police had no answer to any of the questions.

Villisca axe murders Reverend Kelly

One of the suspects who were arrested by the police for questioning in connection with the murder was Reverend Kelly. Who was the biggest suspect after this incident, in the eyes of the police? He had a reason too. In fact, according to the police, on the night of June 10, Kelly Villisca was also in the city and had also reached the school to meet the principal. That night he stayed in Villisca, but at five in the morning, he left Villisca.

Since the time of the murder was only from 12 to 5 o’clock, the suspicion of kelly deepened. But the biggest reason he was suspicious was that when he was leaving the city by train, he told some people on the way that eight dead bodies were lying in a house in Villisca town and six of them were children. Some eyewitnesses told the police about Callie.

Villisca Axe murders solved?

Here the big question arose, how did Callie know that eight dead bodies were lying in Moore’s bungalow and that six children were among the dead? And that too when till then this news neither came in the media nor was it published anywhere. With the help of this question, the police started searching for Callie and Callie was caught.

During the investigation of Callie, the police came to know that there have been several allegations of molesting women against her. Used to share objectionable pictures with some people. Only then did the police come to know in the investigation that his mental condition was also not good. And his treatment is also going on. But the police arrested the suspect. Incidentally, in front of the police, Callie even admitted that she committed the murders because God ordered her.

When the police presented Kelly as a murderer in court, along with his mental report was also placed before the court. After seeing the report of his mental condition, the jury was divided. Because some members of the jury said that the confessional statement of the suspect cannot be accepted because of his mental condition. The jury decided and Callie was acquitted.

After being acquitted, the police continued to investigate and found evidence and clues against Callie. On the other hand, Callie was also roaming around and telling people that she had committed the murders. So the police again caught Callie and prosecuted her again.

But Callie’s deceitful talk and her mental report surprised the jury. And the police could not even produce any concrete evidence in court that could prove that it was Kelly who killed eight people. The court acquitted Callie for the second time.

Villisca Axe House Story

The police arrested six more suspects but due to a lack of strong evidence against any of them, they too could not be charged.

Time passed, and the police investigation continued, but the mystery of the murder remained unsolved. On the other hand, because of the bungalow of the Moore family and the stories related to it, it became infamous as Ghost Bungalow in the times. For years the bungalow remained deserted. The stories of this bungalow became so famous that a situation came that people started calling it one of the scariest places in the world.

As soon as it became famous as Ghost Bungalow, many tales and stories about this bungalow also started floating in the air. After many years, this bungalow was converted into a museum. But over time, this bungalow was sold, but its identity was not sold. A board was put up outside that bungalow on which the story of this bungalow was written. Seeing this, this bungalow became famous among those who did all the paranormal activities.

The unique condition of staying in Villisca Axe House

Hearing about the horror stories of this bungalow and the stories related to them, the owner of the bungalow made it a means of earning. And converted the bungalow into a hotel. Whose condition was that only eight people could stay here one night at a time. And that too at his responsibility.

An anecdote related to this bungalow attracts people a lot. By coincidence, exactly one hundred years after the murder in the bungalow i.e. on June 10, 2012, two people stay in this bungalow. The next morning one of the two is found in a wounded condition. There were dagger marks near his chest. However, the wound was minor and there was no such thing as a threat to life. But it remained a mystery as to who had stabbed that person. However, the boy had stated that he felt that someone was in the house and also realized that there is someone who wants to kill him.

Many people stayed in this bungalow, even spent the night and everyone has different stories of this bungalow. At present, the bungalow is a museum, but this mystery remains as to who is the murderer of both the Moore family and the children of the neighbourhood. This question is still wandering around the same bungalow in search of answers.

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